SEO can seem like an abstract concept for some, and it can be difficult to understand when your website is having problems with it. While it might be subtle in some cases, the consequences of bad SEO could be disastrous. It could eventually mean that you’ll be invisible to a large portion of your clients, and not get the results you should from your website. Only when you identify those signs will you be able to work on getting back on track. Here are some clear signs that you need to work on your site’s SEO with the help of a reliable

SEO company


You Have a Website

Anyone with a website needs to work on SEO, full stop.

If you own a website

and haven’t got it audited yet, chances are something is falling through the cracks. This is why you should consider getting an audit done right now if you have never had one. If you’re looking for a team that will be able to work with you, we suggest you work with a team like


. They’re one of the best SEO Perth teams and have been performing search engine optimisation for years. They will be able to look at things such as local SEO, your internal link structure, markup, and anything else that could affect your search engine results. They will then work hand in hand with you on a plan that will get your site where it should be.

You Aren’t Getting Much Traffic

If you’ve been giving your site’s analytics a look and noticed that you’re getting a dip in results, then it might be a sign that there’s something wrong with your SEO. Other things like unusually high bounce rates could be an indication that you need to fix something. Don’t assume that online traffic isn’t important because you’re a brick and mortar business either. The majority of


now look online for local businesses and value online recommendations, so, if you don’t have a great online presence, you will miss a lot of your potential clientele.

You Can’t Find Yourself Among the Competition

Another thing you should do is conduct a search that would be related to your business. If you can’t find your website among the first results for at least some of the important


for your business, then something is wrong. Maybe you don’t have enough local mentions, or you have bad links pointing to your site. Or, maybe your site has bad markup or you aren’t using keywords properly on your site. Whatever the case may be, you may need to work with professionals to correct the situation.

You’ve Exhausted Your Other Options

If you’ve been trying all methods to get more traffic and feel like they’ve reached their limits, know that you can always work on SEO. SEO is a long-time investment, and the more you put into it, the more you’ll get back. You can always improve on SEO with the help of a good

local SEO company

, and good SEO will always pay back in one way or the other. These are just some of the signs that you might need to work on your site's SEO. Whatever you do, make sure that you consider working with a team that understands your local market inside and out, and who will be able to help you dominate both at a local and global level.