Despite the sudden and unexpected blow to tourism caused by the pandemic, we are going to focus on the fact that tourism will hopefully recover in the very near future. Put your time in lockdown to good use by planning and raising as much money as you can for that post-lockdown trip nearby. While you do that, keep a few of the following tips in mind, to help yourself get started on the right foot.

Sell What You Don’t Need

Selling stuff might be difficult and dangerous in the middle of a pandemic, as neither the seller not the buyer knows where they are coming from. Then again, e-commerce has enjoyed a massive bump since the start of the pandemic, so you have plenty of time to find a buyer for everything that’s lying around in your home, wasting away without use. This could be literally anything from an old acoustic guitar that you have lying around, to old video games consoles and physical game copies. List them on sites like eBay and wait for a buyer to bid on your items.

Take a Short-Term Loan

Payday loans can be very handy for short-term expenses, but you need to manage your spending responsibly. However, since we are talking about a quick trip to any nearby location in or out of Wales and preferably within the UK, you will most likely need only a small loan for covering the expenses, which should not be that difficult to pay off in time. However, you will still want the lowest possible interest rate on that loan, which is where New Horizons comes in. Being a brokerage that’s connected to multiple lending partners all across the UK, they provide access to the top


regulated payday lenders operating in the short-term loan sector. You will be able to compare the interest rates, as quoted by the money lending companies who are ready to accept your loan application from their platform.

The credit broker will not charge you anything for the services provided, and once you finalise the deal, the money will be credited to your account in approximately 15-minutes. If you need a short-term loan to handle the coming trip, or to manage an urgent situation that you were not expecting,

here is more information

about New Horizons and bad credit loans, which will help you get the money needed.

Get Someone to Finance the Trip

Short of taking a loan, the only other option would be to ask a friend or a family member to sponsor you. Now, this is not the most honourable way to finance a trip, but it can work, provided you are still relatively young and preferably a student. In any case, keep the debt in mind and don’t just take it for granted. Pay them back as soon as you can, whether they ask for it or not. Not only will it help you keep some of your dignity, but you will also be keeping the window open for small loans in the future as well. Just don’t make it a habit and people will start neglecting your calls soon after!

Work on the Internet

There are two types of people now in this new era of “work-from-home,” which began shortly after the lockdowns; people who experienced long-term, work-from-home models for the first time, and people who have been working from home full-time, long before the coronavirus decided to mutate! The point is that there is

plenty of freelance work to be found on the internet

, and as long as you have a marketable and in-demand skill, you can earn good money on the side.

As far as those marketable skills are concerned, they are numerous. Consider them as any ability a person has that can fulfil a need another person/business on the opposite side of the internet may have. To put more meaning behind that sentence, let us take the example of music. In case you know how to play the guitar and know it well enough, you could be teaching people online and getting paid to do so as a tutor.

The same goes for all other types of musical instruments that are popular, ranging from the drums to the saxophone. Other well-paid skills that one can use to acquire quick money include:

  • Knowing one or more languages other than English (Spanish, German, and Chinese are in high demand)
  • Coding and software development
  • Photography: If you are indeed good, you can always sell stock photos to stock photo websites

  • Web designing
  • Digital art and multimedia
  • Personal assistance experience

The whole list would have been much larger, of course, but for now, these are likely your best options for funding a quick trip. Don’t overspend though because now is certainly not the safest time to travel too much or indebt yourself too deeply, just to satiate your wanderlust.

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