In today’s rapidly changing world, there is an increasing emphasis for people to learn new skills while honing their existing ones. Education is a major way that this is achieved, meaning coaches and teachers have a unique chance to help shape society. Whether or not you are a certified tutor or coach, there are numerous ways that you can exploit the opportunity mentioned above to not only contribute to shaping the world but also make extra money. The following are five of the most innovative educational businesses you can venture into.

Offer Home Schooling

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, especially, homeschooling has gone from a great idea to a necessity. Parents look to have their children educated without putting them in the risk of crowds in a school setting. Besides, a lot of parents are looking to have their kids homeschooled to gain certain skills that the traditional schooling system does not offer. Others are slow students that need additional tutoring at home to bring them up to speed. Therefore, if you have previous experience in teaching, it is time to put it to practice.  

Tutor Students Online

A lot of students at all levels from primary to college are looking for people that can help them understand educational concepts. If you can teach interactively, maybe differently from formal school teachers, you can attract a lot of clients. Many students are bombarded with homework, which creates an opportunity for you to

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. From Economics and Biology to Psychology and Engineering, to teaching

coding for kids

, the range of subjects that you can venture into is virtually endless. There is a sea of academic writing websites on the internet to get you started if you do not know where to begin. If you know any students, ask them if they need help, and after working with them for a while, ask them to recommend your services to other students. In no time, you will have a network of clients, and your

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 or essay writing business will grow.

Make Educational Toys

As mentioned before, you do not need active teaching skills to start an educational business. Perhaps you have experience making toys. If so, try making toys that focus on the learning needs of children in the primary and pre-primary levels. Examples include building blocks, play doctor kits, cookware playsets, and model and mold kits. In addition to toys, you can create and sell applications that are tailored to learning, such as interactive alphabetized apps. If you cannot write code or create toys, you could act as a retailer of these items.

Write and Sell Lesson Plans

To write a lesson plan is something that many teachers around the world find exhausting. Many of them would actually be willing to pay someone to plan their lessons. If you have been a tutor and you’re conversant with lesson plans, you could write and sell them all around the world. You might, however, have first to familiarize yourself with a range of syllabi to serve the needs of your target market.  

Teach English Online

According to the British Council, the number of English learners around the world ranges around

1.5 billion

. As countries like India and China rise and aim to play roles on the global stage, more and more people embark on learning English. If you are a native or fluent speaker of this language, you can make a living teaching it. Platforms like Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and Facebook offer you an arena to meet potential clients. Teaching English is an undertaking that relies heavily on referrals. Thus, once you get a client from China or any place, and they love your services, they will be ready to refer their friends to you.  


With your skills in education, you do not have to live a life of trying to make ends meet with your meager earnings. Roll up your sleeves and instill worthy skills in those that need them. The fun thing with education is that it is an extremely wide and versatile sector. You can work with students from all walks of life and levels from pre-primary to college. Then again, do not just be fixated to formal learning. Even non-formal niches like cooking, laundry, and music have numerous enthusiasts that are ready to learn. The trick lies in identifying a target market and bringing them the right educational package that addresses their needs. You are in luck because the internet offers you an opportunity to teach people from all over the world.