From running a red light to speeding, there are many ways to get a ticket. The expenses can quickly add up, so you should not hesitate to contact a San Diego traffic ticket lawyer. Even if you think you can be savvy in the courtroom, it will always work to your advantage to have an attorney in your corner.

1. You Save Money

Traffic tickets can sometimes add up to hundreds of dollars. When you hire a lawyer from The Ticket Clinic, your fees can occasionally be as low as $99. It becomes a worthwhile investment to spend $99 than $500.

2. You Have Someone Who Understands Traffic Law

You may think you can represent yourself in court, but the truth is you do not understand the nuances of traffic law. You may only have a few days to research, so you are better off hiring a lawyer who has already spent years studying this field.

3. You Can Get a Lower Ticket Penalty

You may not be able to have the entire ticket dismissed. However, with a

ticket lawyer

, you can get it significantly reduced. Perhaps instead of paying $500, your attorney talks the judge down to $200.

4. You Can Get Alternative Penalties

While most drivers focus on the fine, you may end up with points on your driving record with a ticket. To avoid this, your lawyer may suggest to the judge you go through driving school. Going to a class one night a week is certainly preferable over having your license suspended.

5. Your Lawyer Can Gather Evidence

The best way to defend yourself is with evidence you did not run that red light. Attorneys often have contacts with local bureaucratic agencies to obtain video footage, which can be instrumental in helping your case. The Ticket Clinic has a San Diego traffic ticket lawyer to help you with your case.

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