Ever wondered what causes those brown patches on your lawn every summer? 

Grubs, one of the most common reasons known to cause severe lawn damage, is the collective name for several species of beetles in the larval stage. Luckily, grub control is easily available both as an insecticide and a preventative treatment. When applied correctly and at the right time, it is an effective way to take care of an infestation. What is grub control? How can we prevent grubs? Are there any associated advantages of grub control? 

Grubs are the offspring of Japanese beetles, June bugs, and European Chafers that recur season after season. These tiny creatures are powerful enough to destroy your turf. Since this infestation can often recur every season, you need regular lawn and pest control service

Below are the top reasons why such a service could help you:

Avoid Health risks and diseases: Pests are the carriers of infections and diseases, especially in our homes and business environments. For this reason, it is imperative to control pests both inside and outside the house and keep yourself (and everyone around) healthy. 

Avoid property damage: Often a grub attack goes unidentified until the damage is severe. Skimping a suitable pest control and prevention service may soon turn brown patches into a complete infestation of the entire property. 

Avoid contamination of food: Pests find their way even to the cleanest of spaces to contaminate the surfaces with infections. For safe and pest-free spaces, you need regular and timely services. 

Avoid stress from DIYs: Chemicals in pest control treatments might contribute to unsafe and unhealthy spaces. Further, the maintenance and storage might add up to the costs.

Prevent Preying Pests: Beetles make prey for other pests, including skunks, rats, and raccoons. By eliminating grubs, you can keep these pests from entering your lawns as well. 


Whether you are managing a business or a household, you have so many things to worry about. But for managing your lawns and homes, consider hiring a pest-managing company that can effectively and efficiently utilise the right tools and techniques to keep your spaces pest-free only after carefully inspecting them.