Every entrepreneur and marketer faces a tough time when it comes to making crucial digital marketing decisions. Even though all of them share the same marketing goals, some of them get stuck on their website management, identifying the right technology for their business requirements, and a few other challenges. Nevertheless, you can at least improve in one area, that is, marketing, which also includes

digital marketing

. You can optimize the several components in your marketing strategy and thus generate more revenue from it. There are some obstacles that entrepreneurs face when it comes to making digital marketing decisions. A lot of marketers have agreed upon these hindrances and have provided tested tactics to overcome these head-on. So, let us take a look at the 5 toughest and common challenges that entrepreneurs reported they were struggling with, along with their solutions.

1. Traffic and lead generation

Among others, producing a sufficient amount of traffic as well as leads is one of the top marketing challenges faced by marketers.  This means that getting enough demand for your company’s content is a difficult task, particularly over time when the competition becomes stiffer. Moreover, a wide range of platforms available for entrepreneurs where they can publish their content as well as promote it makes it harder to figure out where they should put in their efforts. In order to surmount this issue, you should create high-quality and relevant content that your audience is actually looking for. This way you can produce enough leads and traffic through your content. For instance, a research done by iTonic and published on

their blog

found that consumers want more videos from marketers as compared to blog posts.

2. Website management

Managing your


, which works around the clock, is one of the other biggest challenges that marketers face. The performance of your website is significant since it is the one that will entice visitors and convert them into actual leads, thus aiding you in achieving your goals. There can be various problems that can be faced in website management, ranging from optimizing and writing the content to designing attractive web pages. This problem can be dealt with by first knowing how your website currently functions and where it stands as compared to other websites. This will also let you know other things about your website, such as the performance, design, average load time, SEO optimization, security, mobile friendliness, etc. You can then work on making your website better by hiring qualified people who have expertise in this field. For instance, if you are a physical therapist or want to make your physiotherapy website, you can opt for

Patient Sites

, which can provide you with an engaging website at affordable prices. This can further aid you in getting more leads, creating high-quality content, and promoting your company on social media networks.

3. ROI measurement from marketing activities

One of the other challenges faced by marketers is to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) from the marketing activities. This way entrepreneurs can determine how effective their digital marketing campaign and content is. Additionally, without any ROI, business owners cannot find out the budget that they require for this endeavor. This can be achieved by having a two-way communication between your sales reports and digital marketing activities. You can do this by dedicating your resources and time for setting up links between the two. You can make use of marketing software and a CRM solution for this.

4. Stay in touch with social media

There are a lot of social media platforms nowadays and all of these are continuously changing and evolving. This is why many businesspersons find it hard to keep up with social media in order to promote their content, product, services, and brand. They don’t know where and how to start, along with the hurdle of engaging your target audience. This can be overcome by keeping in touch with the latest news and trends in the world of social media so that you can make relevant content. Plus, you need to

build your audience

so that you can create the type of content your customers prefer and connect with them accordingly.

5. Selection of the right technologies

Marketers often face a hurdle when it comes to identifying the right technology for their business requirements since the opinion on technology is spread across social media, emails, etc. from different people. Thus, entrepreneurs struggle with finding the right technology, software, or tool to solve a particular marketing issue. You can make use of a free and interactive software like


that provides an online visualization of the setting of the marketing technology. This will solve your business’s marketing problems and will lead to particular marketing technologies that will solve these problems. So, these are the 5 obstacles that entrepreneurs struggle with in digital marketing. Since the world has gone digital now, it becomes imperative to focus on your digital marketing strategies so that you can increase your clientele base as well as profits, which, in turn, will lead to the growth of your business.