Running a small business can be tough. There’s a lot to learn, even when you’ve been going for years. New developments, technologies, and

market changes

mean you never get a chance to rest and enjoy your success. You need to be constantly on the lookout for new ideas, new products and new ways to run and sell your business. Amidst all of this, you need to continue to grow. With new companies starting up every day, if you’re not growing, you are getting left behind. If your business is feeling a little stuck and you are having trouble driving sales, have you considered a blog? Whether you run an online business or a brick and mortar company, a blog can be an excellent way to drive traffic in. Here are five ways starting a blog could boost your business and help it to grow.


Blogs are an excellent way to

communicate with your audience

and let them talk back to you. A contact me page on your website is great, but generally speaking, people only fill them in to complain or ask for help. This doesn’t help you to build relationships. Start a blog, share entertaining and informative content, not just about your business and products, and people will comment. Just make sure your reply, both on your blog and on social media, to start building loyal relationships with prospective customers.

Increased Traffic

Your blog is the best place to host a wider range of content. A business website is dedicated to that business. People will only find you if they want something from you. Regularly share content on your blog, including some guest posts and off niche topics and your traffic will start to increase. If people enjoy your blog and feel like you take the time to talk to them, they will visit your website and use your services.


As well as reaching more people, you’ll reach a wider range of people. Having a blog is one of the best ways to reach customers outside of your target market. People will stumble upon your site by accident. Just make sure you can keep them coming back.


Blogging is a fantastic way to get talking to other people in your field and people that can help you, as well as just customers. Guest post on other blogs and ask them to do the same for you. Talk to people and ask for their help. This could lead to some great collaborations in the future.

Continued Advertising

Once you post something on your blog, it’s out there. Not just for the length of your advertising campaign but until you remove it or close your blog. This means it can always be found and shared. Even better if you find out

How to appear in Google Answer Box

. A blog is cheap, evergreen advertising for your business. It’s not enough to simply have a blog. You need to use it. Make sure it

looks good

, that your content is of a high standard and that your logo and branding are clear. Then, watch your business grow.