Customers are the backbone of any business. However, in a world so focused on growth, it's sometimes all too easy to focus on growing your customer base rather than looking after your current customers. This can be a mistake, as nurturing close relationships with your existing customers can help your company thrive and achieve longevity.

In fact, customer service is so important that according to Forbes, companies with a customer service mindset make 4-8% higher revenue than others in their market.

So, how best to nurture these existing relationships? Here are some ways to make sure your current customers stay with you for the long haul. 


1. Take time out to get to know your customers.

You need to ask why your customers want your product, or why they need it. Why did they pick your company over your competitors? Research trends in your current customer base too, to discover if a particular age, gender or profession uses your product more than others. 

By researching these basic facts and asking these fundamental questions, you can begin to tailor your current and future products to meet their needs. You can also change your marketing language so that it reaches your core audience easier. 


2. Use social media to talk to them

Many of your customers will be on social media and therefore, you should be too. This is important for finding new customers but can also help you build healthy relationships with your current customer base.

To nurture your relationships with them, have someone ready to respond quickly to their questions and comments, whether they are made public in your timeline or via direct message. 


3. Value your customers' opinions

Nothing makes a customer feel more valued than having you listen to them. However, not all your customers will come forward with their opinions - some will need encouragement. 

If you send out surveys or ask for reviews, this can give the more reluctant members of your customer base a little nudge in the right direction. 


4. Use content marketing

Blogs and email newsletters are not just for bringing customers into your business. In fact, generating content for your existing customers will help them feel engaged with your company.

The more you learn about your customers, the more you can start to generate content marketing to match their tastes. 


5. Relationship marketing via email. 

Email enables you to reach a loyal or well-known customer on a regular basis. 

When you email your customer, it is more likely to get seen as it goes directly into their inbox. Also, as they have given you their email address, chances are they are already open to being contacted by you.

If you use an email marketing automation platform you can personalise each email, adding their name or addressing them directly. This helps the communication feel more direct. 

As you can tell by all the points above, being easily accessible and readily available is key to nurturing any customer relationship. To ensure this is possible, consider using technology to bring you together. Unified communications systems can help to ensure all your communication needs are in one place and are easily manageable, whilst using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows you to make telephone calls via Microsoft Teams in a cost-effective and timely manner.