Want to turn your company vehicle into a moving advertisement? Vehicles can be a great way to promote your brand wherever you go. Such branding can also help to make your company seem more professional and can allow for easy identification if a client is waiting for your vehicle to arrive.  Here are just 5 ways in which you can invest in vehicle branding.

Vinyl wrapping

Vinyl wrapping is one of the most common ways to add branding to a vehicle. This involves wrapping a plastic sheet around your vehicle’s bodywork, which has your company’s branding printed upon it. Vinyl wrapping can easily be removed making it suitable for leased vehicles. You can also change it easily when you want to – if you decide to change your logo or company details, you can easily get the vinyl replaced. It’s worth shopping around for a reputable company – applying the wrapping can be a delicate job and a good company will be able to do this to a high standard without it being wonky or creased.

Bumper stickers

A cheaper option to vinyl wrapping could be to simply invest in branded bumper stickers. These could still allow you to display your company name or contact details. You can buy custom bumper stickers online. Similarly, make sure to shop around for credible companies – cheap bumper stickers are likely to flimsy and may not stick well.

Car roof signs

Car roof signs are common amongst delivery companies, taxi companies and driving instructors and can help your branding to stand out that little bit more. Most car roof signs are magnetic making them suitable for leased vehicles, although you can install permanent signs that are fixed to the roof suitable for owned vehicles. Such signs aren’t too expensive and could be a worthy investment. Try to opt for UV treated acrylic as this is the sturdiest and most resilient material.

Branded air fresheners

Small extra details can also help to make an impression. If you often ferry clients around in your vehicle, it could be worth buying some branded air fresheners – not only will these keep your vehicle smelling fresh, but they’ll also provide some extra brand awareness. Look for an air freshener manufacturer online that can produce custom air fresheners. Some manufacturers will even allow you to choose your scent.

Personalised plates

Personalised number plates can also add to your company branding and help to make your company look that extra bit more successful. Buying your own custom license plate can be expensive although it does depend on the letters and numbers that you use. There are sites that you can buy personalised number plates from that can also help you with processes such as registration and installation.

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