Growing an email list is no small feat, but it’s something every serious digital marketer should do.

A private email is one of the most direct ways to communicate with your base of existing and potential clients. Email marketing is still one of the most customized, cost-effective and successful ways of marketing your business. Don’t squander the opportunity to make a great impression.

Here are 5 simple ways to get your message into the minds of your customers and stay out of their spam folder.

Let’s jump in.

1. Stick to your palette

When it comes to email ads, you want your customers to know who you are as soon as possible. The design, lettering and overall look of the email should mimic that of your website and logo.

You don’t want this viewed as a separate entity, but rather as part of the overall experience of doing business with you.

People will then be more likely to put stock in the ads as something potentially valuable, rather than just a marketing ploy.

2. Be on target

This kind of marketing is not well suited for a strategy of blanket inundation.

Work with your list of clients and make sure they have given their permission to receive email communications.

This will narrow your focus and give you a concrete way of quantifying your results. Time is better spent ensuring the accuracy of your own client list, rather than trying to email every demographic under the sun.

3. Be persistent

This is where the targeted database really pays off.

Because you are working with a group you know to be interested in the products and services you provide, the number of messages you send can be quite large. However, tact comes into play - you don't want to make any of these detrimental (yet somewhat hilarious) email marketing mistakes.

You don’t want to be sending something every day, but you do want to market with enough frequency to keep your business in the front of people’s minds.

4. Take a holiday

Most people don’t check their email as much during the holidays, so adjust accordingly.

Don’t waste time developing a brilliant campaign during a time when a large percentage of people won’t see your ad until it’s two weeks old.

Avoid December, January and the peak travel time in the summer (unless your industry and audience say otherwise).

5. Test, test, test

The best way to keep from being blocked or sent as spam is to include an email you can put on your list, and check it. Put the filtering and anti-spam setting on high.

That way you can see when you’re getting through and when you’re not.

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