After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in early 2020, businesses came tumbling down. It is a fact that millions of people are jobless now, thanks to the pandemic. While some can't go back to their former jobs, there is an opportunity to start afresh.

It is not all doom. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is here. This article explores six thriving business ventures you can start.

So, what are the best businesses to start in 2021?

How did the pandemic affect you? Did it leave you at the mercies of nature after curtains drew in for your job? Worry not. Consider starting once more in any of the six businesses reigning supreme in 2021.


The e-commerce industry is open to the world. Its viability is at an all-time high. In the US alone, the sector recorded a $450 billion growth in the last five years. For instance, Amazon remains the dominating e-commerce platform across the world.

Small businesses are now thriving in this industry while executing shipping services and offering distribution channels across the globe. A perfect example is Bouqs flower delivery service which is easy to register. Every process is done online in a nick of a second. And this is just the beginning – pundits project a brighter future for small businesses in the e-commerce industry.

Consultancy In Online Selling

Since 2018, data shows that online selling has increased exponentially. More consumers are looking at the online shopping way. There are more opportunities hitherto in distribution and retail.

In China, for example, physical stores are closing up with a focus now on online distribution channels via e-commerce platforms. But don't feel limited to the consultancy in the business field alone. If you're knowledgeable in other areas such as communication or banking, offer your service wholeheartedly.

Software/App Developer

The demand for mobile apps and software for computers is at its peak. And it is not stopping anytime soon. If this is your area of expertise, make hay when the sun shines. If you're thinking of a career change and love technology, this should be your new career.

Demand for mobile apps is high now that virtual reality programs are taking root in the US, but the workforce isn't enough.

Customized Cybersecurity Software

Cybersecurity hacks are the biggest threat in this digital era. Sadly, they are not just about to stop because technology is quickly advancing. Cybersecurity attacks also increase and become more sophisticated.

As essential as a Facebook account – you can be hacked. Recently, reports indicate that 50 million Facebook profiles were under cyber-attack. But, if you can develop software cushioning people from such, be ready to smile to the bank.

Online Teaching

The Covid-19 pandemic changed a lot of things, and learning is not an exception. Schools closed, leaving learning in limbo. And the pattern for new infections keeps on changing as the virus mutates.

Thus, online teaching is a haven for learners who avoid having disruptions in their coursework. All you have to do is master the art of teaching online and get ahead with it.

Virtual Health Services

A virtual health services firm is definitely a fantastic idea to make money in the comfort of your home/office. You can treat and make follow-ups with patients whose conditions don't require hospital visitation. Virtual doctor consultations are gaining root in the US but a lot needs to be done. Apps to complement VR development in doctor services are on demand.

You could be one of those who the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard, but all is not lost. There is a lot you can do and earn a hassle-free living. All you need is to identify what you want and execute it.