Can your brand make a strong relationship with customers if they don’t see it every other day?

In most cases, the answer is no. This is why leading companies follow the phrase out of sight, out of mind religiously.

Looking at Coca-Cola’s annual revenue ($37 Billion in 2019), a layman would say they don’t need to advertise anymore. But, this is where most people are wrong. Coca-Cola sells because its marketing is omnipresent, and consumers see it everywhere every day.

This is what all big companies do, and this is what you as an aspiring marketer or a brand owner should try to replicate.

If you are about to devise a marketing strategy with a touch of omnipresence, here are some helpful tips.

Go to your audience.

Omnipresence is about being everywhere, and this is exactly what you should do. Go wherever your customers are.

If they read the newspaper, make sure your brand has fixed newspaper space. If they read a blog, build one. Do they watch TV ads? Get your brand some airtime! Leverage anything that your customer might use.

Needless to say, you have to be present on every social media platform because as a budding business, you can’t risk losing even a single potential lead. If you are not confident with your social media or digital marketing skills, take a marketing course with Monarch.

Build an interactive website.

With the advent of social media, consumer behavior has changed a lot. The way people interact, consume news and entertainment, and shop has drastically changed.

Besides word of mouth, people now trust whatever information is available online. This makes it obligatory for every business to have an official website that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and has reliable information with detailed FAQs.

Oh, and it should also have links to all your social profiles so consumers can know which ones are real.

Ensure consistent communication through all mediums.

Adopting an omnipresent marketing approach means that your brand will interact with the customer through various channels. While it’s useful to be present on all mediums, ensuring that the customer gets a consistent experience everywhere is even more important.

If you are a retail brand, it’s obvious that your customers would get top-notch service at the outlet. However, what’s more important is that no matter where the communication occurs, the customer should get the same level of service they would receive in a retail environment.

Whether it’s an email, an online support chat, or a simple phone call, your brand’s communication should be consistent, and the message should be coherent.

Uniformity in customer interaction is super-important for omnipresence.

Collaborate with non-competing brands.

Making your brand omnipresent is about communicating with your customers, but intelligent companies do it with their contemporaries too.

We are not telling you to forget about the competition and let your competitors get a share of your audience. Instead, we suggest wise collaborations with other brands that complement yours, yield beneficial results, and help you improve your marketing strategy.

A lot of big names have done such collaborations in the past and reaped excellent results.

Turn social media trends into traffic.

A great strategy to get your brand widespread attention is catching social media trends and curating content by incorporating your brand’s name.

Social media trends drive new visitors to your website and potential leads to your business. We all saw what happened last month when Cristiano Ronaldo removed a Coca-Cola bottle in his press conference.

While Coca-Cola’s stock value suffered, several brands made the right move and cashed on the marketing opportunity. Here are a few examples.

So make sure your marketing team keeps their eyes on all social trends and jumps in on the right one.

Work with Influencers.

Influencer marketing is a great strategy to get your brand some extra eyeballs.

Kids and adults, boys and girls, all follow celebrities and social media personalities they take influence from.

These Influencers and celebrities have built strong, trust-centered relationships with their audience. You can easily leverage an influencer’s audience to make your brand’s voice reach more people through someone they’re familiar with.

Depending on your budget and niche, find a macro or micro-influencer and collaborate with them for some posts or shout-outs. This is a great way to connect with a wider market.

Get involved and engage with your audience.

To be omnipresent as a brand, you have to be easily accessible and available all over the internet.

Be active on social media and engage with your audience. Reply to their comments and messages, do Instagram/Facebook Lives with an industry expert in your niche, and be vocal about your brand, its story, and any offers you might have for the customers.

You can also try commenting on industry-related threads or offer to write guest blog posts on a popular site. This will help you diversify the audience that sees and hears about your brand, ultimately getting it the awareness it needs.

While thinking about these ideas, remember that omnipresence is not a goal or destination. It’s a journey, and you need to be consistent with your efforts.

Take each day as an opportunity to do more about it!