Becoming a student can be nerve-racking. But there is no doubt that college life is one of the most memorable and exciting parts of our lives. However, pop culture (TV series like "Felicity," "Community," "Veronica Mars") may have given you the wrong impression of what the real student's life is and how you should really act stepping on this road. Here are some tips that will help you to make your college life a roller coaster of emotions and the diving board leading you to the bright future.

Choose a College in a Big City

Becoming a student at school in a big city is definitely a great choice because you'll be far away from home with tons of possibilities in front of you. You can go to museums, theatres, gigs of your favorite artists, and so much more! A megalopolis offers lots of diversities too, including the opportunity to opt for

bilingual education

. Moreover, you won't be afraid that your parents will turn up unexpectedly. If you are into urban life, explore your options before applying and embark on an exciting journey.

Make Friends

Sounds like a banality, right? However, many first-year students forget about their social life because they are very much into their classes during the first 2-3 months. But you should remember that the early days of your college life are defining. You won't get a second chance to make a first impression. So try to meet as many students as possible. Make friends with people in your program; they can, later on, help you out with assignments or cover for you if you work. The friends you make in college can turn into friends for life. Don't forget about that!

Become a Part of the College Community

Since students from your program are not always the best company, go to college events, join a sorority or a fraternity, join a chess club if you are into it. Just be sure to surround yourself with interesting people who make you grow. Moreover, the connections you make in college can give you a lot of opportunities in the future. There are certain stereotypes surrounding college life, stating that it is all about the parties - well, that's definitely not true. Most of the students go to college for knowledge.

Attend Movie Nights

It's a great way to communicate with people and relax. Newcomers are always under a lot of pressure. Their first year, they are constantly stressed about the classes, homework, being far from home and friends, etc. Besides, too many changes in a short period of time can sometimes lead to depression. So make sure you have someone or something to cheer you up when you need it. Movie nights are an ideal way to get distracted from studying, have a rest, and meet new people who share your interests and have similar taste in cinematography. You can even choose to watch some inspiring Ted Talks instead of a movie. Just don't forget to bring some delicious snacks with you and have fun!

Visit Sports Events

One of the great ways to adjust to college life faster is to attend your school's sports events. Are you not into it? Well, appetite comes with eating. Cheer for your college team and spend quality time with your new friends. If you want to spice it up a little, why not check

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and raise the fun to a new level? And if you love basketball, here are some interesting facts for you. Did you know that several NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James started their career in high school and continued through college?

Set Boundaries with Your Roommates

Do it the very first day you enter your room. All you need is to set an agreement. Tell your roommates what you like and don't like in your everyday life. Ask them about their lifestyle. Try to adjust your routines to one another. Set clear boundaries and always communicate directly with each other. Leaving notes is not a good idea; it is much better if you discuss issues face to face.

Always Be on the Lookout

College life may seem carefree and full of happiness. However, it is not immune to acts of robbery and other unpleasant situations. Add the university's police department phone number to your contact list. Make sure not to leave your laptop, wallet, keys, and other valuable things in plain sight or without supervision. Often first-year students become victims of prejudice that college life is all about fun and parties.

Use Apps to Make Studying Easier

We live in a wonderful era of digitalization. So make sure you use all the benefits of today's studying apps. You can plan your schedule, check grammar and plagiarism, make notes, write down all the tasks, prepare for exams, outsource your homework, and even use

VR and AR apps

and tools to study certain disciplines. Did you know that the best apps for students were actually created by fellow students?

Take It Easy and Have Fun!

It's probably the most valuable advice of all. Now you are having the time of your life that opens hundreds of doors before you. So make sure you don't miss a thing.