Showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work from time to time is important. An expression of gratitude can boost company morale and reduce employee retention rates. But, sometimes, a simple “Thank you” just isn’t enough. Here are a few unique ways to show employee appreciation.


Free Lunch

A free lunch is a great way to say thank you. Allowing team members to choose their favorite restaurant and order whatever they want off the menu shows them that you appreciate their hard work. You could also cater lunch in the office, which is a great way to thank the whole office or a larger team of workers.


Cater Desserts or Coffee

Sugary desserts or sweet beverages are a great way to say thank you to a hardworking team. Outsource your baking needs to a locally-based chef and fill the office with cupcakes, muffins, and strudels. Bring in a coffee bar for the day to boost everyone’s energy and productivity. Take your culinary bar to an upscale level with strawberry-coconut blended milkshakes. Bring in a few premium Exotic Whip cream chargers to add an element of luxury to your dessert bar.


Fun Outing

Team retreats are always a fun way to strengthen employee relationships while getting everyone out of the office for a few hours. A fun outing is also an excellent way to say thanks while also boosting company morale and team bonding. Plan a night out bowling for a little friendly competition. You could also rent out a room at a local pub or bar. 


Sign Up for a Class

A group class can also be a fun outing. Consider a premium cooking class that allows everyone to expand their cooking skills while also learning new techniques they can use at home. Spice up the night with some premium ingredients, like whip cream chargers, to top your homemade cakes or cupcakes.


Paid Vacation

Although approximately 80% of employees receive paid vacation, less than half use all of their vacation days. Sometimes, employee appreciation is as simple as encouraging team members to use their vacation days for relaxation. For employees who have gone above and beyond, you might consider gifting them an all-expenses paid vacation. 

Taking care of their airfare, hotel, and transportation is likely to be well-retrieved. You could also extend their vacation time. Even if you can’t extend anyone’s vacation time, you could still issue paid time off days to high-performing team members. Work-life balance is extremely important in today’s times.


Pay Raise

Show your employees you appreciate them by giving them a pay raise. Raises are one of the best ways to motivate and encourage employees to stay with the company longer. If you don’t want to offer a permanent raise, you could also temporarily increase your contribution to their retirement account or issue bonuses.


Share Your Praises

Showing appreciation could also be as simple as sharing your praises with other team members or superiors. Give your employee a good review and share their accomplishments with others in the office. Offer to write them a stellar recommendation. You could also publish certain employees’ achievements on your business blog or social media. Some companies have found success in awarding top-performing employees. After establishing a process of nominating employees for awards, you can publicly name the recipients.


Give a Gift

A gift is a nice way to thank multiple team members. You could purchase a single gift idea in bulk, such as watches or personalized pens. You could also consider each employee's unique personality or needs and gift them something they’re most likely to enjoy. You could even ask each team member what they like. Some employees may enjoy a new stapler for their office, whereas others may prefer a chef-based cooking experience. Gifts that improve an employee’s in-office experience can also be useful. This might include an ergonomic computer chair or personalized coffee mug they can keep in the break room.


Enhance Benefits

Enhancing the benefits available through an employer is sure to make everyone happier. You’ll also find attracting top talent with a comprehensive benefits package easier. A few important benefits include health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance. A few bonus perks that employees are sure to enjoy include a free gym membership, meal program, on-site childcare, or free education.

Business owners rely on their employees to manage the day-to-day of the company. Some employees may also be responsible for increasing sales, boosting customer satisfaction, recruiting new team members, and hitting revenue goals. Showing your employees your appreciation can help them continue being great employees.