HR (Human Resources) is an important department, responsible for recruiting, onboarding, training, and firing employees, as well as paying them, and administering employee benefits. If an organization’s HR department isn’t run properly, then employees can suffer.  And, if employees suffer, they are more likely to want to quit their jobs. With so few people actively searching for work at the moment, employee retention should be one of your main concerns.

Because of HR’s importance, tech experts have been working on effective solutions for making it more efficient. This post will tell you about nine of them.

Onboarding Software

When a new employee is hired, they have to be onboarded. The onboarding process is when you integrate new employees into your company and add them to your system so that they can be paid.  Unfortunately, manual onboarding can take up a lot of time. It is the HR department’s responsibility to handle onboarding. If several employees are hired a month, then they will have to spend the majority of their time onboarding them. However, with onboarding software, HR can focus on more important things. Onboarding software is used by most businesses today.

A recruitment management system serves as a valuable asset for making informed decisions when hiring efficient workers. These systems are packed with various features that streamline the screening process. You can create customised job postings to attract a wider range of candidates and depend on automated filters to sift through applications effectively, saving precious time. Armed with these tools, you can make hiring decisions with confidence, selecting candidates who align best with your company's specific needs.

Employee Feedback

No business is perfect. However, getting and then compiling employee feedback (which is an important task for a lot of companies HR departments) can be extremely time-consuming. Now, however, HR departments can make use of online surveys and questionnaires. These can be sent directly to employees’ inboxes. A lot of employees don’t engage with surveys, unfortunately, so make sure that if you use this kind of tech you follow up each request with an email explaining why it’s important for them to engage.

Blind Hiring

Diversity in the workplace is a big concern for a lot of companies at the moment. Various studies have found that people with ‘white-sounding’ names are more likely to be hired than people with more ethnically diverse names. Because of this, and in order to rule out bias, companies are requiring HR departments to make use of blind hiring software. Blind hiring software weighs up all of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses, submitting the names of those who are most qualified, instead of those with the ‘right’ name. Blind hiring software is being used by companies in a variety of industries.

VR Training

Training can be a lot of work. HR usually has to supervise each training seminar. When training is held in person, it can be very time-consuming. HR departments sometimes have to devote several days a month to training staff. However, thanks to VR (Virtual Reality) technology this is no longer necessary. VR technology is particularly useful for sexual harassment training. The reason for this is that staff are actually shown simulations that show what’s not okay in the workplace. It can be hard to physically act these things out in front of a classroom without making people uncomfortable. VR is safe, easy to use, and effective.

Wellness Apps

The mental health of staff is a big concern for a lot of bosses. HR is often tasked with monitoring employee mental health. As you can probably imagine, this can be very difficult to do. One of the main reasons for this is that a lot of people don’t like engaging with mental health services or discussing what goes on inside their heads.  Because of this, a lot of HR departments now use wellness apps. Employees are a lot more likely to engage with wellness apps than they are with psychologists or psychiatrists. You can hire a professional app developer to create a unique app for your company.

Machine Learning

A lot of HR departments use machine learning to identify and define recruitment patterns. Blind hiring software is a form of machine learning. However, HR departments are able to use machine learning for a lot more than just hiring staff. Machine learning and AI can help HR departments to gather huge amounts of data, without having to do it physically. Gathering and acquiring data can take a lot of time. The more time one’s HR team spends gathering data, the less time they have to focus on other things. Integrating AI into your company’s HR department can significantly improve its performance.

Machine Learning.png

Payroll Software

Payroll, as mentioned previously, is an important function. If employees aren’t paid properly and on time then they will begin complaining. The unhappier they are, the less likely they are to want to work at your company. With all of the things that HR already has to do, managing payroll as well can be very difficult. Thankfully, it is possible to purchase and use payroll software. Payroll software can be an extremely effective way of ensuring that your staff is paid on time.

Internal Communication

Communication is vital. HR is responsible for communicating directly with employees, discussing issues, and giving them updates about internal changes. If HR isn’t able to communicate with staff then things can get very complicated. A very effective way for HR departments to avoid communication breakdown is to use messaging apps. A lot of companies use messaging apps like Zoom and Skype so that their staff can communicate with one another, and so updates can be sent. This kind of software also makes it very easy for different departments to hold meetings with each other. There’s no need to meet in person when you can do it over a webcam on messaging software.

Taking Complaints

Finally, HR is responsible for taking complaints and investigating them. Unfortunately, a lot of employees don’t like complaining about their employers. The reason for this is that they fear they could be punished for speaking out. You can use software to take complaints anonymously. Anonymous complaints software can make your staff’s lives much easier. If they have any issues, they don’t have to worry about repercussions, they can speak confidently. HR should then take the complaints sent in, investigate them, and then provide company-wide updates to the original complainant can get an update.

HR is an important department. Technology can help your company’s HR department to run a lot more efficiently. The more efficient HR is, the better your employees will be treated, and the happier everyone will be. Using technology can also help you to save money since you won’t have to employ as many staff as you would if everything was done manually.