Final day of the exclusive openbusinesscouncil summit


event with over 120+ speakers, including former Nasa Astronaut Scott Parazynski, Bollywood Actor Javed Jaffrey and government representatives. In this 3-days digital event and throughout 20+ panels, the experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and technology for businesses and governments, Smart business - smart SMEs Day – Society & Business – 4IR Frontier tech and society 5.0, Digital Inclusion, AI, big data, IOT, Social Impact Wellness – Healthtech, Digital Literacy, Cyber Security, Social Media, Data. You can watch the whole event here with us...


DAY 3 - April, 22




1- Redesigning the Cities and Governments of the future - Case studies smart cities





2- Smart cities Case studies - Singapore, Netherlands and the UK





3- Smart cities & Circular Economy- Industries Experts and Organisations






4- Closing Ceremony





5- Can we redesign our cities, nations, governments with Smart cities, Blockchain