Escape the career cage and create a life you love (so you don’t have to leave a piece of yourself at the door in order to get paid)

Be A Free Range Human is for that person who feels trapped in a job (or business), longing to find a different way to live. It’s about much more than just quitting your job and becoming your own boss. It’s about life on your terms, working when, where and how you want, in a way that fits your unique personality and the life you want – so you don’t have to fit yourself into someone else’s box to make a great income. Marianne Cantwell is living proof that it is possible to step away from the job world and do this. Be A Free Range Human draws upon her own experience and shares the lessons she learnt as she built her own successful ‘custom career’ and lifestyle around the world – as well as the approaches grown from a decade of experience helping thousands of others create their right paths.




Why this book matters:



  • More and more people are searching for what they want to do with their lives, believing they must find their ‘one big passion’. This book argues that the search for your one passion is getting in the way of finding the work and life you love, and instead shows how to take the reins to create something that fits your personality and what you really want
  • You don’t have to be a “perfect human” to be a Free Range Human - far from needing to be an extrovert with sparkling credentials and thousands of followers, be exactly who you are and still have wild success
  • Your weirdness can be your edge - You don’t need to leave a piece of yourself at the door to get paid, instead learn how to turn the things you hide about yourself into your biggest advantage
  • In a world of information overwhelm people are presented with more ‘options’ than ever before – but are finding it harder than ever to find their really-right next step. This book shows you how to sift through conflicting advice, stop the endless Googling, and create your own tailor-made solution
  • Busts the idea that you need a wildly original idea, funding or to spend 6 months on a long business plan – and instead shows how you can get something out there in 2 weeks, with what you have right now




The author shares in spirational and realistic case-studies that show that there are as many ways to succeed at being ‘free range’ as there are people like Jo Gifford, who creates thriving marketing and branding programmes that reach people all around the world… while living with 3 chronic illnesses and being the mum of two 2 young in Cambridgeshire; or Carla Watkins who went from a city job in London to running a ‘portfolio career’ combining several things she loves (so she doesn’t have to fit her whole personality in one box to make a fulltime income anymore!). Likewise, Amy Day, who after years in a corporate career in the UK, Amy Day came up with her free range idea (using the approaches in this book) while on a little island in Indonesia. She quickly built up her product (Swimcell) without contacts, savings or a trust fund and was profitable from day one. Her free range career now allows her to live and work wherever she chooses in the world. Each case study in the book demonstrates how, far from looking for another job (or off-the-shelf ‘business idea’) to fit yourself into, you can now create something that is built around you and the life you want. You don’t need a wildly original idea, complicated business plan or lots of start-up capital to do it. Be A Free Range Human was one of the first and most popular guides to creating a custom career (without an office or a boss).  The first edition was a UK bestseller (and translated into 6 languages). This new second edition is a significant update with new advice on managing information overload, Instagram anxiety and perfectionism. In this edition the author shares for the first time how her differences from others in the entrepreneurial world (including being far from an always-confident ‘networking’ type!) are exactly what led to her success.


The Author


Marianne Cantwell is an expert on creating a free range career and a successful work-life that fits who you really are (and the life you want). The founder of Free Range Humans and a leading TEDx speaker (with over a quarter of a million views), thousands have done her courses on finding your 'thing', and making it work for you. Her thinking has featured everywhere from Business Week and CBS MoneyWatch, to The Guardian, Daily Mail and Entrepreneur magazine. A corporate escapee herself, she now lives and works in several countries (often between London and sunny California), and carries her business in a little laptop.





Be a free range human




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