Starting a business is a pretty huge decision, and the increasingly blurred lines between online and offline businesses mean it’s easier to start one from the comfort of your own home than ever. Even those of us who’ve never really considered ourselves as tech savvy internet bods or business enthusiasts can bring the seed of an idea to life.

Of course there’s a lot of due diligence needed before you get the wheels in motion, but the internet has given greater opportunity for prospective business owners. Where brick and mortar businesses require up front costs and overheads aplenty, an online business only really requires a mind and a computer to get off the ground at least.

With financial growth comes the potential to grow your team as well, meaning that your journey into the online business world could be more fruitful than you may have initially thought. Here are 5 absolute musts once you want to get things going.


1: Is your idea viable?

This is the obvious first step – you may have an idea, but is it enough to bring in the money to sustain you for the long-term, or even short-term future? Doing your due diligence and market research is something that cannot be skipped. Start by looking to define your target audience. Who does your product or service cater to, and what distinguishes it from your competitors?


2: Choose a good name

This may seem a minor detail, but it most certainly isn’t. Choosing a good name can make a huge difference to your SEO. Make it something that lends itself nicely to SEO without too much competition. Be sensible about it too, and try to avoid a name that’s popular in another field. The last thing you’d want is for your business to be up against it before it’s even got going.


3: Choose the right website builder

As with any business, location is important, and building said business online is no different. As stated by Forbes, ‘not all website builders or landing-page platforms are created equal’ – it’s your job to ensure you’re not on the backfoot immediately. Do some research and find out what website builders tend to lead in terms of good SEO.


4: Get the boring stuff done

It might sound tedious, but there are a lot of steps that still remain for both online and brick and mortar businesses. Take for instance registering your business , obtaining the permits and licences, and meeting all relevant tax requirements. Okay, so it isn’t the most exciting step in the world, but it has to be done, even if you are an online business.


5: Launch your business into the stratosphere!

The launch is your time to shine away from that aforementioned boring stuff and thrust your business into the limelight. Think about how you want to launch. Would you want to offer a special discount for the first month? Would you want to offer a giveaway style competition? The way in which you do it is ultimately up to you, but make sure it’s something that can grow your business in the short, medium, and above all, long-term.