The Internet has provided a variety of new tools that help companies in the car industry to market their products to customers. These tools are needed more and more, because whether you’re a car dealership, parts supplier, car finance provider or other business in the trade, it is highly competitive and can be difficult to engage with your customers.Your answer may be automotive pay per click (PPC) advertising. You may have heard a little about how targeted pay per click automotive ads is the best way to generate leads and are curious about how to utilize pay per click for your business, or you may already be sure you want to utilize them, but are not sure how to get started. The key thing to understand is that pay per click gets you in front of your potential customers fast, and then brings them directly to you. The foundation of the service is that it places your ad in prime positions Google, Bing or Yahoo!,when someone makes search. Being in a prime position on a search engine is key because it means you will get seen by everyone searching for your product or service.Compared to other ways of improving your search engine visibility, pay per click is superior. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) ranking can often take months or longer to get a search engine to get you on the first page, much less at the top of the page. Finally, even after all of the work, there is no guarantee you will achieve your goals of being right in front of your customers eyes the moment he/she clicks on a search. With pay per click search, your positioning on the search page is guaranteed. This service is perfect for the car industry, especially car dealerships, who need quick results and want targeted and focused prospects. Dealerships can bid for ad placement in search engines and are then placed as sponsored links on the top of search pages. When someone searches on a keyword that is related to the automotive dealership’s offering, they see your car dealership ad at the top of the search and are likely to click it first.The dealership only pay for ads on which a potential lead clicks. When the leaddoes click, they are sent to your website where you market to them directly.When automotive pay per click is working efficiently, the fee is inconsequential, because the prospect’s visit to your website is worth many times more than what you paid to get him there. The benefits to youare time and cost savings, because the potential customer is coming to you for a specific purpose, yet you only pay when they come. Pay per click is the fastest way to start generating traffic and conversions and it is available through all of the major search engines. As mentioned, pay per click campaigns work using keywords and so understanding the proper search terms and then selection and management of keywords is key. As importantly, the landing page where leads are sent needs to be perfected for customer conversions. How often your automotive PPC ads appear on a search page is based on algorithms computed by each search engine and are dependent on keywords, selected match types, and of course, your daily budget. The process involves some testing to make sure all elements of the campaign are working well and are harmonious. You also need to decide which search engine or engines are the best at getting you in front of your customers. Of course Google is the biggest, but others may be better for you. The way to get started is to find professional search marketing company that specializes in automotive pay per click, to assist you in creating an effective campaign. It may be the best money your dealership ever spent.