The smartphone you hold is the key to the plethora of questions you face almost every day. It could guide you to manage your funds and the various ways in which you can invest your cryptocurrency. Further, it would also facilitate you to stay abreast with the latest news and market trends to be able to make wise and informed choices. 


Here are some of the top cryptocurrency apps that comprehensively help and guide you to keep a track of all your activity through the myriad of things happening in the trending markets of cryptocurrency.


is the leading crypto exchange that allows secure access to your set of private keys. It enables a convenient platform to transfer or receive money. Its other additional benefits include custodial services, professional trading, crypto solutions, interest-earning accounts, and eCommerce payment capabilities. Further, for real-time tracking of your portfolio, display price charts and tickers are readily available over its dashboard. It also provides access to price alerts transaction details, even remotely. To top it all, it is available in almost all the major languages around the world.


is one of the popular apps that provide real-time charts, rates, and alerts. It allows the traders to stay updated with all the information needed to make a new investment. Notification settings for threshold price values or for any other specific criteria could be set up for any intended transaction.


is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Its trading services could be accessed through any of the mediums- desktop, mobile app, desktop app, or software install. It offers a large number of cryptocurrency pairs to be traded easily.


is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange with a robust app available over the android play store. It offers over 50 cryptocurrencies over its platform to get traded. For those traders who hold borrowed funds, and want to enjoy benefits over it, the app offers marginalized trading services. This enables the trader to carry out the transaction to find leverage with more money than was deposited in the account.

Bitcoin Code

takes advantage of the trading opportunities in this market, making it possible for traders to become successful in cryptocurrency trading. The Bitcoin Code team were significant players in the cryptocurrency sector, playing a crucial role in the market cap, and daily traded volume of the market. These features were vital in enabling them to analyze charts from 2011 to date. Their success in the cryptocurrency trading space is one of the reasons why Bitcoin Code has become such a huge success. The novel SmartTouch© technology of the Bitcoin Code and its intuitive software helps the system generate trading signals which are cross-checked by pro traders to ensure accuracy. This, in turn, leads the users to earn profits from Bitcoin trading using the Bitcoin Code software. Traders can also choose from the over 100 assets available, with expert analysis from our advanced algorithms making trading easier.


enables a two-factor authentication route to be available at the app. This ensures the security and safety of the data, also crypto assets, and funds. Another distinguishing feature is the availability of QR code technology that allows users to transact their assets globally. Further, the users can create opportunities to earn from the app by purchasing any number of Bitcoins and subsequently enrolling in Gemini Earn. This feature of the app enables reaping interests over the user’s balance.

allows users to track their trading status from almost everywhere for a smooth and seamless experience. It is a convenient platform known for providing ease to buy cryptocurrencies using credit and debit cards. Another feature of the app includes instant deposits via QR codes for Bitcoin and Litecoin. This way, the app provides a route to link your account, following which you can look at the total available balance, place market, and even limit your orders. Kucoin ranks amongst the top 25 exchanges volumetrically. It is a user-friendly interface, providing essential trading services- buying, withdrawing, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrency. It has over 350 currencies listed over the platform.


For a seasoned trader, like cryptocurrency enthusiast or technical trader, this app comes in handy with its EMA and MACD indicators. For real-time tracking of cryptocurrencies, it is one of the most favorite apps by the users.


This app allows an easy cryptocurrency conversion of more than 140 coins, requiring no KYC. This first involves the transfer of funds from your wallet to the app, followed by the exchange (by the app) at the highest rate available. The app levies a 0.5% fee before delivering the fund after the exchange to your wallet. What makes this app convenient to use is reducing the waiting period to get the amount cleared, and the liberty to fix your own wait while waiting for a lucrative transaction to complete. Crypto buying is also permitted over the app using credit cards.




For a seasoned trader or a novice one, crypto apps make the entire transacting experience quite a joy, taking care of the intricacies- fluctuating trends, projecting the coin values, recording the transactions, and allowing various other complex activities to be carried out with utmost convenience. However, you will have to be sure of selecting the parameters while figuring out the one app that suits you well.