Online PDF editor allow users to make simple but important changes to their important PDF files like removing or adding text. Several online PDF editors exist that are both free, paid as well as a mixture of both. Many PDF editors let users try their software for a free trial period or single-use purposes and then charge a premium to give them access to move advanced features. These other features can include such things as merging separate PDF files, splitting a single PDF file into many, making new fillable PDF files as well as adding digital signatures to a PDF file to make them more secure. The ideal PDF editor is the one that serves a user’s needs and these are just of the few online PDF editors that offer a good mix of everything.



Lumin PDF



Lumin PDF is a multi-platform software that lets users try out many standard PDF editing tools, as well as some more advanced ones if they subscribe to a monthly plan. Lumin PDF gives users access to viewing, editing, and annotating features that are available for a single-use purpose for free during a trial period.


The software has wide compatibility and lets users access it through several platforms including their browser, on their desktop, and through a downloadable mobile app for more convenient access. Apart from the basic PDF reader, viewer, and editor, the more advanced features offered by Lumin include real-time, multiple-user editing and viewing, sharing capacity that includes many cloud-based storage platforms, as well as OCR text recognition.


Lumin software also integrates with other document-sharing platforms like Google Classroom that make it easier for large groups of people to view and annotate large PDF documents. Among the editing and viewing features, Lumin also lets users protect their documents through password encryption and by adding e-signatures to their most important files.



Soda PDF



Soda PDF is a series of different, Windows-based applications that let users alter and make changes to their important PDF files or documents. Among Soda PDF’s many offerings are the standard ones like editing and viewing tools that combine an easy-to-navigate user interface, as well as drag-and-drop functioning to make PDF creation even simpler.


Soda PDF works on several platforms and is accessible through many different devices from a desktop version to a mobile application. There is a suite of free trial features that Soda lets users access for a trial that includes things like merging, compressing, and converting PDF files into other file formats and vice-versa.


The software is available through differently priced plans that include a few of the premium features like 24-hour technical support or things like multiple platform accessibility. Users can choose from among the plans to see what suits them best as there are plans geared toward both individuals as well as businesses and organizations.






Small PDF is a downloadable software application that lives up to its name by delivering to users only the most essential PDF editing, viewing, and organizing tools to make them more accessible and easier to use. Small PDF lets users try out over twenty-one different PDF tools for free during a trial period.


These tools include things like editing and viewing pages, as well as compression of small-sized files. Free trial users can access the software through the SmallPDF page or a downloadable mobile application. Premium users can download a desktop version to handle larger files.


The premium tools come with a monthly subscription to SmallPDF’s user plans that let users go further with their PDF editing capacity. The monthly plans give users the power to compress large files, convert scanned documents to PDFs or other file formats, and vice-versa, as well as giving them a larger number of allowed documents to edit. Several security features let users keep their files protected with e-signatures and encrypted passwords.



Adobe Acrobat



The Adobe Acrobat suite of software tools revolves around its proprietary file format, the Portable Document Format (PDF). The company remains the gold standard for using the format with its wide array of tools that let users perform any number of operations on PDFs. The brand has several tiers of products that range from simple viewers and readers to more high-performing software.


The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download that is used worldwide for easily viewing and reading PDF files across several operating systems and web browsers. The Reader is free-to-use but it is limited in its editing abilities. Users can highlight text and add comments but not remove or add new text or images.


Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC are the brand’s professional, premium software that offers a wide range of different editing and annotating features, along with unlimited file conversions, formatting, scanning, and sharing capabilities. The Pro DC features cross-compatibility with several operating systems and lets users edit and view PDFs through a mobile application.