1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Doubtlessly, Las Vegas is one of the most business-friendly cities in the US. Whether you plan to open a small business or something larger, there are several incentives for the state that would appeal to you.

First, the state of Nevada doesn't require business owners to pay corporate and personal income tax, property tax, and franchise tax. Again, Las Vegas city has a robust and flexible regulatory framework, emphasizing protection and privacy. You should talk to your immigration lawyer at once about how to get b1 visa to settle here.

2. Miami, Florida

Many think of Miami only in terms of great beaches and weather conditions, but business owners know it is one of the best places for startups. Florida does not require business owners at the state or local levels to pay personal income tax. In addition, there are multiple funding opportunities in Miami, such as loans, grants, and venture investments.

Moreover, you wouldn't have to engage in a frantic search for qualified workers as the city is full of highly skilled people. Now you know why some big tech companies like Google, Apple, and Twitter have their offices in Miami.

3. California

You can call California a jack of all trades since almost any business thrives there. Be it the entertainment, marketing, or tech industry, California has a large population and workers with diverse specialties to benefit any startup.

Also, California provides a broad networking opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet investors and find mentors. A recent evaluation reveals over 200 venture capital investment firms are in the state. You'll find California's weather consistently calm, making it an ideal destination for you to settle as well.

4. Tennessee

Tennessee is one place entrepreneurs looking to get some slack on taxes would find a haven. Depending on the kind of business you wish to open, you can enjoy Tenseness’s no-income tax law along with other unbelievable tax waivers.

Besides, the state has several incentive programs which entrepreneurs can benefit from after registering a new business. From investment credits to loan funds, there are several opportunities to source for new business owners to source capital in the state.

5. Delaware

There are several state benefits to leverage in Delaware as a prospective business owner. The cost of doing business there is relatively lower to most states in the US. There is no VAT, sales tax, or state real property taxes. You only have to cater for the franchise tax!

Moreover, the state is conveniently located between New York and Washington DC, giving Delaware political and business advantages. Workforce recruitment won't be a problem. A very high percentage of the populace is educated and skilled. You can dream of any business, and you'll find ready hands to work with you.

How about sourcing for funds? That's also not a big deal in Delaware. Venture capitalists are more likely to find you here.

Again, there is Delaware's Court of Chancery, which ensures legal issues touching businesses receive prompt attention. These and many more should make you think of Delaware before locating your business.

6. New York

Nicknamed "the melting pot of America," New York's cultural diversity makes it the perfect place for you to blend in and start a business.

The wide range of businesses in New York means you won't be short of complimentary enterprises which would support yours indirectly. In addition, the ease of registering a business in New York is almost leisurely since most parts of it are online. Infrastructures are world-class, and you can never go short of talents to bolster your workforce.

Most importantly, there is a ready market for any good or service your business has to render. Come on! New York is undoubtedly the US' business headquarters and having a business there naturally boosts your business' esteem. Talk to an immigration lawyer US about settling there.

7. Texas

Already one of the fastest-growing industrial hubs in the US, Texas has a buoyant economy and infrastructure to support any business. As home to many tertiary institutions, there is no shortage of employable talents with diverse experience levels to get your business running.

Texas has also long adopted tax-friendly policies which benefit new and existing businesses. Whether at the state or local level, enterprises enjoy a low tax burden. Among them is that you don't have to pay income taxes. What else could you wish for?


Your business may have special needs besides tax considerations and friendly policies. What matter is understanding what each place has that profits your business largely. Overall, any of the locations highlighted on our list will get most businesses going. Why not make your pick at once?