Blockchain-Powered Property And Tourism Ecosystem Lynkey hosted a Gala Dinner in Dubai to discuss and deliberate the future of the NFT industry and how it is going to transform the tourism and real estate business. Board members Cindy Tran, Dinis Guarda, Henry Bui, Jorge Sebastiao, and others attended the event.


The focus of the event was to bring the current status of the NFT and Metaverse industry to the table and chalk out the trajectories of their future.

“The virtual platforms provide a never-before opportunity to create a digital twin of our physical world, recreating it in every sense. Having said that, I mean you can enjoy this technology in uncountable ways, not to forget achieving the carbon neutrality and ESG targets. In my opinion, the dream of sustainability that we all live today can only be realised with this ground-breaking adaption”, said Dinis Guarda, Co-Founder of LynKey and FreedomX. 

The event primarily showcased the transformation made by the revolutionary projects, LynKey in the tourism and real estate business. The opportunities that the projects offered made the event hugely popular, so much so that the hosts had to organise a side party to entertain the increased volume of interest. Focused on tourism and property markets, LynKey is an innovative effort to create an all-in-one ecosystem for everyone with no bias for geographical or financial backgrounds. The platform offers revolutionary ways to disrupt the conventional tourism and property markets with technological advancements and a solid foundation of blockchain.

“We live now in a world where our moment-by-moment interaction on global digital platforms is as natural as breathing to live on Mother Earth. It is now, as we fondly say, an essential and expected part of our inherent tendency to communicate. Platforms like LynKey and FreedomX give you an opportunity to monetise experiences and choices over the replicated digital space”, said Thomas Le, General Advisor. 

Eminent guests including government representatives, technology leaders, delegates from crypto and blockchain projects, and enterprises graced the event with their presence and active participation. For latest updates and details about the project, visit:

LynKey - Luxury resort and tourism investment, powered by blockchain

Linkey's Gala event Dubai 2022


About LynKey


LynKey is a blockchain-powered 4IR all-in-one ecosystem that is tokenising $8b+ of premium property and luxurious tourism experiences in Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and other countries of the world. LynKey focuses on democratising and digitising smart tourism, solving the challenges inherent in the conventional property markets and the tourism industry along the way. In addition, it offers service operators and property developers the ability to offer their products and services over the solid foundations of blockchain and NFTs. By including the use of NFTs, the ecosystem promises to offer unique non-fungible tourism experiences, prepaid lease, timeshare and licenses, and a smart tourism marketplace.  LynKey has also been designed with DeFi protocols for its users, building an engaging and interactive community hand in hand with them, consequently building a mutually benefitting ecosystem for all. LynKey is actively working with partners and industry leaders from around the world. Especially significant is Crystal Holiday, a travel agency subsidiary of the Everland Group.