By the end of the second quarter of 2021, the rage for The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) had skyrocketed the sales to more than $2.5 billion. What started as a mania when Beeple sold his first digital art for a whopping $69 million, the NFTs have now become a vogue over the mainstream. NFTs are very much preferred over the traditional auction system. It is believed that the full potential of this industry lies way beyond multi-billion dollars in its value.  


While NFTs are gradually taking up across all the industries- art, architecture, sports, entertainment, adventure, leisure, and many more, LynKey provides an innovative way that strategically employs the trust and reliability of the blockchain principles for a luxurious holiday experience. LynK, the utility token bestows the holder with ownership rights over the vacation property under the timesharing scheme of investment. With the reliability of smart contracts, the project opens a window of opportunities for travelers and service providers for a profit-yielding travel business.


How LynKey can revolutionize the travel industry?


The travel industry is expected to start back on its trajectory by 2022, to regain its full momentum by 2025. Tourism can be empowered with NFTs where suppliers can create, store, and sell their services in the form of NFTs over the LynKey platform. It utilizes deflationary utility LynK token to issue or claim the NFTs. With products like wallet and marketplace, LynKey community is used as a ledger that transparently reflects the bookings made over this network. Further, all the related and popular details are suggested to the user for an exquisite holiday experience. Moreover, all this is done most securely, with no chances of being tampered with by anyone. Not just that, you do not even need to involve any middleman or third party to accomplish all this! Some of the key goals of the platform include the following • Creating innovative opportunities for travellers, hotel and hospitality operators, and other tourism service providers. This would ease the recovery of the tourism post-pandemic phase. • Spreading awareness about the cryptocurrency among the suppliers and travellers, and expanding the markets for NFTs and timeshare • Linking the market strategists with as many verticals as possible, creating an interconnected network of business to build a healthy ecosystem. Further, LynKey’s reward program would benefit you every time you get yourself involved in any of the platform’s products. Stay tuned for the latest updates