Dinis Guarda brings 'Navigating The Metaverse' by Cathy Hackl, Dirk Lueth, and Tomasso Di Bartolo to the latest episode of BooksABC ‘My ABC Book Selection’, a series that features books that impact our society and make it better and sustainable. The podcast is powered by openbusinesscouncil.org and citiesabc.com. 

A third in its series, Dinis Guarda discusses 'Navigating The Metaverse', a book co-authored by Cathy Hackl, Dirk Lueth, and Tomasso Di Bartolo. The book is edited by John Arkontanky, and the foreword is by Yat Siu, Chairman of the Board of Animoca Brands, and Board Member of Upland, and published by Wiley and released on April 25, 2022.

Highlighting the distinguishing aspect of the book, Dinis said: "Being from various authors, it brings a multi-diverse vision in terms of what is metaverse and its future path. The book presents its hook, creating a relevance between businesses and the metaverse economy."

He also shared thoughts by John Buzzell, Enterprise Leader at Epic Games, and Co-Author of The Augmented Workforce: How AR, AI, and 5G Will Impact Every Dollar You Make:

"'Navigating The Metaverse' pushes beyond virtual worlds to explain the Web 3.0 technologies shaping it. Readers will discover well-marked paths to gaining a deeper understanding of blockchain technology, dApps, and NFTs."

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A comprehensive compilation

Dinis shares that 'Navigating The Metaverse' presents the metaverse from its historical context and takes the reader on a journey of deeper concepts like tokenomics, the rise of community commerce, and the power of decentralised governance.

The book comprehensively highlights the building of a strategy for the metaverse economy and business challenges that comes out of this, market statistics, key value propositions and timing, crossing the metaverse adoption, and the impact of Web 3.0 technology.

According to Dinis, it also brings a very practical element to the bench. It brings a metaverse for consumers, new business opportunities from job perspective, a metaverse matrix, key segments for commercialisation, metaverse product development with actual frameworks, and future perspectives.

He said: "This is a great book, I think, for every executive looking for technology in our times, both as C-level, an author, or a manager, or an academic because it will help to look at not just a top-level vision but an action plan for how to connect with the community, get IP into the metaverse and prepare for tomorrow based on its current structure and course of its maturation."

Dinis also shared an excerpt from the foreword from Yat Siu:

"The authors are all experts on the subjects and will guide for various opportunities in the metaverse, the kind of opportunities that are as important as the rise of the world wide web in the late 90s, or the emergence of the smartphone as the universal personal computing device. If you missed out on these revolutions, this book is your chance to participate in their present-day equivalent. Even more importantly, these pages are more powerful in clear arguments against creating, working, and living in a close metaverse. The proprietary centralised environments that Facebook and many other closed platforms are advocating in order to attain market. Finally, this book will explain how blockchain, NFTs, decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), and crypto, in general, are pieces of the puzzle that when assembled would reveal the most meaningful paradigm shifts in digital history. The creation of the true and open metaverse."

Author, global influencer, and serial entrepreneur, Dinis Guarda created BooksABC, a podcast that voices new books as well as the old ones that are still relevant in our times and play a pivotal role in progressing humankind towards a better future.

About the authors

Cathy Hackl is a globally recognised Metaverse / Web 3 authority, strategist, and tech futurist. She’s a business executive, keynote speaker, and one of the most influential women in tech and is considered a leading management thinker by Thinkers50. She founded the Futures Intelligence Group, which was acquired by Journey, a new design and innovation consultancy. At Journey, she leads the Metaverse Studio. Hackl has worked for some of the biggest names in tech including Amazon Web Services, Magic Leap & HTC VIVE.

Dirk Lueth is a serial entrepreneur and an early adopter of blockchain and related technologies, based in Silicon Valley. He co-founded European and US-based companies in the FinTech and digital media spaces, including the Financial Times Deutschland and Forbatec which has been acquired by SunGard.

Lueth mentored over 30 start-ups through his work at the German and Swiss start-up accelerators in Silicon Valley and is a frequent speaker/panellist about blockchain and platform economics. He studied Business Administration in Frankfurt and Paris and received a Ph.D. from the European Business School in Germany where he wrote his doctoral thesis about private and state-controlled currencies.

Tommaso Di Bartolo is a serial entrepreneur and startup investor, author, and faculty at the University of California, Berkeley. He has built four startups from scratch and has two exits under his belt.

He is a faculty at UC Berkeley where he teaches entrepreneurship in Blockchain, and previously Robotics and Autonomous Systems. He also serves the role of guest lecturer at Stanford University.

Based in Silicon Valley, Tommaso is part of the management team of Upland, one of the globally most vibrant metaverses, where he is responsible for Global Strategic Alliances and Partnerships. He is General Partner at Awesm Ventures, an early-stage investment firm. In his role as philanthropist Tommaso is Chair of the ProteinX Foundation, a non-profit organization fostering next-gen proteins and sustainable packaging.

He is the author of two books. His most recent one. Navigating the Metataverse was published in 2022 by Wiley, and his first one published in 2019, Creative Traction.