Most businesses are currently well into their busiest time of the year. People are in the middle of their Christmas shopping, trying to get everything sorted before the big day. Many shops have late night opening days, online stores are offering quick and free delivery, and business is thriving. But, for many stores, this is soon to come to an abrupt halt. Once Christmas is out of the way, sales can slow, and many businesses find that their quieter period stretches out until the spring. For a big business, this can be damaging. But for a smaller firm, it can be much worse. A quiet period that stretches to a few months can be difficult to recover from. You can find yourself forgotten, struggling to reassert yourself and facing severe financial issues going forward. Here are some ways to boost your sales during your quiet period in the New Year.


Reward Loyalty


January sales aren’t quite what they used to be. Now that so many shops and online retailers make the most of a Black Friday event, the January sales have somewhat lost their Sparkle. Not as many consumers rush out to find a New Year bargain now that most stores have been in a sale of some kind since early November. But, this can give you another opportunity. Before Christmas, we buy for other people. In January, we shop for ourselves. So, reward your loyal customers with special offers and deals, as well as a little extra attention. Make the most of the quieter times to get to know your customers and build loyal relationships.


Focus on Your Website


Online shopping is massive. From big shops like Amazon right down to small ecommerce stores and people selling on platforms like Etsy, online sales grow every year. In January, when it’s cold and wet outdoors, people would much rather shop online that brave the high-street. So, spend some time focusing on your website. Look at your amazon seo, find ways to reach a new audience and offer online-only deals.


Celebrate Another Holiday


People like to celebrate. Especially in the early months of the year when we’re all feeling a little blue. So, find something to celebrate and make a bit of a fuss. This can be anything from your anniversary to national spaghetti day. Create even a small celebratory atmosphere, and people will be drawn in.


Look at Your Marketing Strategy


January is the perfect time to look at your marketing strategy, both in the short and long term. Look at what went well last year, and try to find ways to improve upon it. Find new places to advertise your business and think hard about where you might find your target audience. You can even make the most of a quieter period to assess your Christmas performance and start making plans for next year.


Get Outdoors


If you run a brick and mortar shop, and you are struggling to get people inside, why not go out to them? Set up a table outside, or go for a walk handing out promotional materials, badges, balloons and even hot drinks to warm them up in the cold weather. Work with a local coffee shop or another local business that is struggling to help each other if you can.