David Galsworthy, CEO and Co-Founder of Techspace, a flexible coworking space specifically designed for fast-growth tech scale-up companies said:



“This week we’ve actually just announced an expansion to Berlin, our first international coworking space and this decision was taken well in advance, regardless of the result of yesterday’s EU Referendum. While it may seem like a strange time to make such a decision, we felt that whatever way the vote went, whether it be ‘leave’ or ‘remain’, it would have little actual effect on our expansion plans internationally.”


“The reason for our confidence in such an international expansion is that technology companies, which Techspace specifically caters for, will, in our view, continue to generate rapid growth regardless of the Referendum vote. Also, given how interconnected the world now is thanks to technology, there is no doubt that London will also continue to be a central hub globally for this sector.”

About Techspace

Techspace provides workspaces for tech startups and scale-ups. Designed specifically for scale-up teams, Techspace coworking spaces offer a plug-and-play membership to accelerate business growth. Based in Shoreditch, East London, Techspace has grown to over 30x its original size within three-and-a-half years, and now is home to 650+ members from 50 businesses, spanning 5 locations. Techspace currency retains 98% occupancy across all its sites, and has averaged an occupancy  of 87.5% across all premises over the past 3 years. Applying a pay-it-forward approach, Techspace believes in driving revolutionary efficiencies in building management in order to pass on sustainable offering to its members. By leveraging the worldwide cultural shift into flexible workspaces, Techspace can also facilitate meaningful connections across the globe via its online community. Techspace does not just cater for small startups, it also provides space for larger, more established companies with stronger covenants.

About David Galsworthy

With over decade’s worth of international business experience as an entrepreneur David most recently co-founded Techspace with Alex Rabarts in 2012. Previous international experience includes work in China (Microfinance platform 51 Give), India (E-Commerce partnerships via RTN Europe & Seen Digital) and South America, as Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce - Ecuador at 22 years old, and from where he began to rollout his first business ventures.