Zach Schleien is a digital marketer and mental health advocate, who founded a virtual speed dating app, Filteroff. He is the latest guest in the latest episode of Dinis Guarda YouTube podcast series to talk about how modern technology has evolved the online dating industry, overcoming safety challenges that prevailed in the past.

In the recent interview, Dinis Guarda invited Zach Schleien, a digital marketer who has also worked extensively in the field of mental health. Presenting his background early in the interview, Zach said that he was interested in sales and marketing from the very beginning of his career. He then enhanced those skills with a Master's programme in Information Management from Syracuse University to begin his digital journey with BeginU, a tech company that connected students to startups so that they could gain real-world experience.

Advancing further, he learned the nuances of digital platforms that enhance human connections. He narrated his journey to Dinis, where he also made significant efforts to support people's mental health by building communities in a peer-to-peer and crowdfunding model.

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Journey to create a futuristic online dating platform

Dinis was interested to know the driving idea behind setting up Filteroff. Zach told him that he was fascinated by the idea of building connections outside the friend circle. That was when he observed the challenges in the current online dating industry, supported himself with technology, and established the virtual speed dating app.

"For me, the video was something I was very, much interested in. when I started a video call with someone before meeting them in person, it was a more efficient experience in terms of understanding and seeing the person and working out on the chemistry.", he told Dinis.

He also explained an outstanding feature of the app- virtual events, where influencers and brands can create events for their communities for engagement and connections.

Dinis asked Zach about the ways in which Filteroff is combating serious concerns like online bullying and scamming. Zach explained how Filteroff's 'Reporting functionality' algorithm identifies scammers and siphons them off for a seamless experience for users.

Concluding the interview, Zach said:

"The beauty of Filteroff is that we create a new paradigm, being at the forefront of the online dating industry when it comes to video first, having a real human experience, and introducing communities to provide that level of trust when it comes to our platform. It's not just focused on the profile.”