In the world of business, the term knowledge is power is more prevalent than ever. If you’re a small online retail business and want to make sure you can show off a track record of excellence and trustworthiness to major clients, you need to secure the data you willingly receive from customers. Recent news from around the world shows that the threat against consumer data is not only alive and well, but has been steadily increasing since more and more people are shopping online. When customers make purchases from your website, they want to know their card numbers are not going to be stolen, especially since card numbers can be saved as part of their online account on your website.

Muddy the waters

Hackers will be salivating at the prospect of stealing card numbers from your website if they know you framework is very simple. Saving customer data isn’t as easy as parking it on a shelf. Try to think of it as an endless stream of numbers, and each one being unlinked to the other. That is what the structure of a secure server looks like. By encrypting your data, you basically, throw the numbers up into the air, and they take on the form of something totally different from their original form. Cyber criminals have their own way of dealing with firewalls and will install malware or spyware onto your servers in the hopes of stealing credit card details. If you update your encryption practices regularly, you keep up with the rapid and ever-evolving standards of online security.

Data storage solutions

It's tempting for a small retail business to try and save customer data on a hard drive, but this is reckless. The plethora of storage options you have at your disposal is incredible and having your own servers is the best option. Look at colocation hosting pricing, where your data is stored on advanced hardware, and connected to your servers. Startups from around the world are looking to hire a service provider’s services to hand their hardware needs. There are so many you can choose from, as well as the type of storage your company needs. From a small section, sharing a tray, to a fully-scaled-up private tray with your own network, you can store customer data efficiently, and all in one place securely.

Malware watch

Many hackers will try to enter and leave within a few seconds. Many systems won’t notice a sudden intrusion if they haven’t been updated lately. Using a malware monitoring software to notice infected servers or harmful codes left behind can save you a whole load of trouble. Often malware just sits dormant on your servers, just waiting to be activated by the passage of data across the bridge. Anytime someone uses their card to buy something, banking software authenticates the purchase, but when this happens, malware can take all the information done from the checks and relay the vital information back to the hacker. Therefore, think about software that detects ripples in your e-commerce website of someone trying to access your shopping cart software, where purchases are made. Bulletproofing your customer data takes times, and dedication to learning the hidden secrets of the online world of hackers. But take solace in the fact that there are services that allow you to use 4D data centers of service providers to house all your information behind a secure network.