A group of leading south-east businesses have joined forces to launch a cyber alliance that will provide pro-active support to SMEs in the battle to prevent successful and costly online attacks by criminals. 

According to the government, nearly half of UK businesses have reported a cyber-attack or breach in the last 12 months, with ransomware, DDOS and phishing being among the tactics regularly used against businesses. Estimates of the cost of cyber crime to the UK and global economy run into hundreds of billions of pounds. In response to the growing threat, leading regional law firm DMH Stallard, IT experts and support services company PAV i.t. and insurance brokers and risk managers Sutton Winson are spearheading a new task force that gives businesses a fully resourced support partner that will provide greatly enhanced cyber resistance. Richard Pollins (pictured), Managing Partner at DMH Stallard, said: “Larger institutions are often perceived as being at the frontline of the war against cyber criminals, but they are also among the best resourced to integrate sophisticated defence systems, which means the criminals, often working in highly organised gangs, will go after easier targets such as SMEs. “Many SMEs do not have adequate contractual cover in their terms of business to cover what happens in the event of a cyber crime event which impacts on them, their customers or suppliers” Employing over 500 people, DMH Stallard, Pav i.t. and Sutton Winson are longstanding and highly reputable businesses and have each been working with SMEs in the south east for over 30 years. Jason Fry, Managing Director at PAV i.t., said: “The cyber alliance provides an all-encompassing and cost-effective solution that can greatly reduce the likelihood of a successful attack through proactive planning and around the clock access to a broad range of relevant expertise.” David Thomson, Managing Director at Sutton Winson, said: “I’m delighted we have established such a strong group of businesses with real pedigree that can deliver a one-stop service currently missing from the range of prevention and emergency business support services.” The SME Cyber Alliance considers it imperative that all SMEs implement the correct measures to safeguard


them from a cyber attack.  If an attack does take place , understanding what is needed to get your business back up and running post-attack could also save your business and prevent heavy financial loss. If you are keen to find out more or if you are an SME and have been a victim of cyber crime, please contact