The outside of any business is what people see first. If you have invited people into your business, this is the first impression they will get. If you are hoping to attract passersby, then it needs to look great to ensure you pull them in and so they don’t go somewhere else. There is more involved than you likely think. You may have just set a business up, or you may have been in business for years and have decided to spruce up your exterior to ensure it is alluring for those passers by.

One of the first things you need to do is make your business recognisable. Have a look at the other businesses in your area and look for what they have not got. You need to think about getting it. What would make you stand out over them. If you are outside then using a flags can be a great bet, they catch the wind and look good, especially if they are colourful, you can find some at . You also need to look at your signage. Is it recognisable? Do you have a backlit sign for when you are open in the night? Ensure it is cleaned regularly too. In fact cleaning should be high on your priority list. You don’t want rubbish, litter and leaves hanging around your entrance. Instead you want to ensure that it is completely clean and easy to access, reflecting the business within.

Look at your facade. Could you do with a new one? Getting a new one is expensive but it is a powerful statement to make. Perhaps it could just do with a fresh lick of paint. Small input that has a great output. Look at your branding and see if it ties in with the outer decor. It needs to be recognisable so people know what you are about and what you sell, being able to link it with your products and services.

Think about advertising too. If you have store windows utilise them properly. Put things in them that will certainly bring people into the store. A newer form of this is video advertising. Where you place a screen against the store window so people passing by can see whatever is on it. You can make sure it always changes what you sell has a chance of appealing to more people. Also, moving items like this catch the eye way more than static ones, leaving many of your competitors in the dust.

The outside of your store needs to be great so that you bring people to the inside. You can do this by supplementing the outside with one of your better and more confident speakers. Put them outside, giving away balloons to children or samples of food if you are a food based business. They can use this as an in to talk to people about what your business offers and try to lure them inside. You can very much make some sales this way and it makes the outside of your store far more attractive when someone is actively talking to people about it.