What really is a ‘modern’ office? From years gone by businesses went for the dull and drab look. Granted it looked more serious and basic but have things really changed beyond rectifying this? Well, we all see the vibrant colors that have made their way into the professional office. This has been backed up by psychological studies that show time and time again, that bright colors help to foster creativity. But as buildings get larger and the interiors more cramped, what other ways can employers attract the best talent

to their offices

? It's no longer good enough just to rely on having plant pots in every room, or even large open rooms that stop the physical boundary creating of different departments. There must be other ways to make an office attractive to the hardworking employees that have to sit and work in them every day.

Sensory elements

Offices are by their nature not really focussed on aesthetic appeal and even physical connection. The foundations are there to foster a good workforce, one that is purely aimed at deadlines and goals. Yet we seem to forget as business owners; humans aren’t machines no matter how much we’d like our staff to work as if they were. So instead, bring new levels of

sensory elements into the office

. Change the textures of the furniture. Everything from mouse pads, keyboards and mouses, tables, chairs, carpets, folders, plants and yes even the blinds and curtains must be different. When these senses are entertained, employees can feel more alert and pay attention to detail in their work.

Fire retardant

There have been in the past, some horrible accidents in commercial office buildings. Fires and engulfed entire floors and destroyed everything in their wake. Despite not even being a rare talking point, this danger is still in the back of everyone’s minds. It also makes sense, therefore, to make sure the guts and arteries of the building you’re in have good tiled access panels. Certifire accredited with both a concealed and exposed frame option the panel is 2-hour fire rated. There’s also a concealed push-catch lock as well as the option of a key lock. As you’d expect there’s a rubber gasket all around, so pressure building inside a malfunctioning pipe or electrical unit does not seep out so easily.

Rather than bright pale white light lashing down at them, consider making the tables and chairs a bit more glossy

Gloss surfaces

The brilliant thing about the modern world of work is that everyone and anyone can work at any time. There is no such thing as night and day when it comes to running a successful leading business. Therefore take a minute to consider the night owls in your workforce that stay behind a couple of extra hours and work into the night. Rather than bright pale white light lashing down at them, consider making the tables and chairs a bit more glossy. Desks with gloss white finishes better reflect the light, but your employees will be hit with secondary light. Therefore it won’t stress their already-tired eyes, and thus productivity can fade more linearly. There are always ways to improve modern offices. Some of the issues are more practical than aesthetic but just as vital to a good workforce being cared for.