Jesse Brown, CEO of Himalaya Exchange, features in the latest episode of Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast with Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman of Ztudium Group, in partnership with,, and The two discuss the power and scope of blockchain and decentralised platforms in ensuring robust solutions for everyone.

[embed][/embed]   A highly accomplished FinTech leader and an executive with more than a decade's experience in driving innovative crypto infrastructure solutions and products, Jesse Brown is currently serving as a CEO at Himalaya Exchange, the world's first true crypto ecosystem that empowers consumers with its unique products and solutions. Hilton interviews him to unearth the layers of wisdom that make him the leader in its true sense. At the beginning of the interview, Jesse tells Hilton that he was inclined towards data security and ownership from his days as Azure Advisor at Microsoft. He gradually learned the intriguing concepts of blockchain and decentralisation when it was still in its infancy. He also told Hilton that as the first blockchain consultant at Ford Motor Company, he enjoyed innovating the use cases of blockchain technology.

"There was a lot of work with silo, databases, use cases for blockchain, tidal registration, paying to travel down the highway. It was really the first time I was really taking the knowledge I had gained about blockchain and putting it to use in institutional space.",

he recalled.

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Blockchain harnesses the true power of data


Jesse related to Hilton when the world started unearthing the true power that lay in data. He told him that blockchain use cases started capitalising on data by fragmenting it into bits and earning profits from those fragments.

"It all just made sense because we broke it up where you could buy literal bits of data, they were just prevalent to what you wanted. The distributor is comfortable because they are only selling this bit, they are not giving away their whole huge data set to anyone. They are getting paid right away which is much better.",

he added. Understanding the essence of data and identity, Hilton asked Jesse about ways where these could be secured in spaces like web 3.0 and the metaverse. He explained that like transactions are monitored in the blockchain space, identities can also be monitored in metaverses. He emphasised the idea of securing digital identities to prevent any harm to individuals or their privacy.

Himalaya Exchange: Giving the power back to the consumers and redefining cryptocurrency

Steering the interview to Himalaya Exchange, Hilton was interested to know the course that led Jesse to his current position. Jesse told him that since the platform envisioned to build an ecosystem that scales in parallel lines to the evolving regulatory and compliant environment across the world.

"With domicile in a variety of products like the Himalaya Dollar, Himalaya Exchange, and Himalaya Pay, we are pretty global in licenses across the world, particularly in the Asian subcontinent.",

he said. Offering unique facilities for financial and wealth preservation, Jesse told Hilton that Himalaya Exchange provides real incentives from failing fiat currencies in the form of their stablecoin, Himalaya Dollar.

"With real-time attestation facilities, we empower our coin with the ability to be tracked, something that you can't do in traditional finance. So, there is a lot of ways we are making things more transparent."

, he added. He also explained to Hilton about the decentralised finance models that Himalaya Exchange is currently targeting. Concluding an interesting dialogue, Jesse expanded on the exchange's long-term goals to become one of the top exchanges in the world, trading larger volumes and more pairs on it.

"Our mission is to provide financial freedom and ability to people to own their assets and control their own money. So, we are trying to reach out to people who are disenfranchised and have no access to financial institutions or even the internet. That's an area where there is a lot of opportunity for us.",

he concluded.



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