When summer starts to come, people feel discomfort as the days in the summer carry a hot temperature. Even it provides you perspiration that makes you uncomfortable all the time. As a result, you suffer a lot in your daily life. But summer days can be comfortable for you if you have a touch with an air cooler like

ChillWell Portable AC

.  The air cooler provides you a good and comfortable feeling reducing the temperature of the hot days. The most important thing is that people at any financial level can afford this one easily as its price is very reasonable. So, before you come to buy this one, just check the details of this air cooler mentioned below.

What Is ChillWell  Portable AC?

This product is one of the best coolers as it makes the hot temperature cool within a short period. It is comfortable to carry as it weight comes 1 lb and 13.5 oz. That means users can use it at home or office. The use process of it is very simple and even you need not to spend a lot of time during its maintenance. It is completely protected from the outside. That means it is completely safe for children. Moreover, the AC does not take a long space. You can keep it in room corner. Order Today: Click Here to View Pricing and Availability


Working Process of the AC?

This particular

ChillWell Portable AC

works very efficiently either for your office or home. It makes the surrounding very cool and comfortable within a short period. The AC is systemized with modern technology named Hydro-Chill Technology and as a result, it turns hot temperature into cold normally. The most important thing is that the electricity consumption of this AC is very low and even its maintenance is very easy and simple.  It is very handy because of its size and you will feel comfortable when you carry it.

How Its Cooling Is Dependent On?

The degree of cooling depends on mainly three factors and they are outside air temperature,  the device settings, and air humidity.


helps to reduce the temperature of the air through evaporating cooling system. First, this AC works actively for evaporation at a higher temperature and lower humidity and thus it brings a stronger cooling effect. For your cooling comfort, you can adjust the settings after choosing the right comfort level. For More Information About the Product Visit Official Website


How Is AC Powered?

In 24 hours, this particular AC can be able to keep your office room or homeroom cool and comfortable. The reason behind that is the AC is rechargeable. That means, when it is unable to work because of its low-powered battery, you can make it recharged and keep it working. The recharging system is very easy and simple and in that case, you can use the USB cable included with the AC.  But be careful during its recharging as your mistake can make the cooler inactive.

How Do You Know When AC Is Fully Charged?

To keep your AC safe and protected from any unwanted damage, you need to be positive always, especially when its charge mode is one. You should make your AC unplugged as soon as it is fully charged. When the charging light comes to be blinking, it seems that your AC gets charging and when the light remains solid, it is indicated that the AC is fully charged. As soon as, the charge is complete, you need to unplug your AC without any delay.

How Many Hours Does the Chillwell AC Run?

When the AC is completely recharged, it will run for 3.5 hours at a stretch depending on the speed setting, the level of room temperature, and humidity level. But if the AC is in the plunging motion, it can run at least 8 - 12 hours depending on the same conditions like speed setting, room temperature, and level of room humidity. Always you should try to use this AC in the plug motion as the condition will give your AC more longevity as well the battery will run a long time.

When Should You Replace the Cooling Cartridge?

It is very easy and simple that when the cartridge of ChillWell AC comes and loses its power of work, you need to change it. Generally, each & every cartridge should be replaced every 1-3 months and it is completely dependent on the usage. You should remember one thing is that no indication comes to replace the cooling cartridge. That means you should take your effort from your side to replace the cartridge.

What Are the Led Lights Colors Used in Chillwell AC?

This AC is designed with several led lights that make the AC superb when it is in the plug motion. The AC is designed with led lights such as Blue, Red, White, and Purple. Even you can see it with the led light such as yellow and green. Every led light indicates when the AC is on. A Good Variety of These Portable AC Is Available on Official Website


Will the Led Night Light Be Turned Off?

Yes, you will have the facility to turn off the led night light used in the AC. In that case, you need to press the button if you like to turn off the light. Turning off the led night light saves the battery power of your AC and as a result, Ac will run for more time.

The Measurement and Weight of the AC?

It is good to know that it is very handy and its measurement is appraisable. The length of it comes at 6.69”, the width is 5.71” and the height is 6.30 inches. That means, altogether it becomes suitable for home or office use. Even you can use this one for both purposes carrying from one place to another because of its lightweight measured by 1lb & 13.5 oz.

Bottom Line

- If you are puzzled by hot temperature, nothing can give you comfort except ChiWell AC as it turns hot temperature into cool in a quick mode. Have strong confidence to purchase this AC and make your home or office living comfortable.