Today we welcome Joey Poareo, a blockchain expert and CEO of The Science DAO, a decentralized think tank, incubator engine, and accelerator platform aimed to empower inventors, entrepreneurs, and institutions to collaborate and make informed investments in a wide spectrum of technologies and life sciences. Carried out by ztudium vice-chairman Hilton Supra, both global thought leaders go through topics around blockchain, decentralization and open governance.

Joey Poareo Interview Questions

1. Academic and Career Background

• Tell us about your early life and education

• How did you start your career?

• What made you start your career in technology and investment

2. What brought you to blockchain and crypto

3. The Science DAO

• What does "DAO" in The Science DAO signify? it will help our listeners understand more

• What is The Science DAO

• What is its vision and mission?

• How does The Science DAO work?

• How does The Science DAO contribute to health and the environment?

• What is Science DAO's contribution to natural sciences

• Give us some case studies from The Science DAO's portfolio of work

• Tell us about the future plans of The Science DAO - especially its marketplace

4. Tell us about InuYasha- The Yasha DAO (The New Gen Launchpad)

• How can small businesses and enterprises become a part of the ecosystem?

• Tell us about the projects delivered- Guzzler, Cliff, and Pochi Inu

5. What future challenges do you plan to solve with your extraordinary solutions?

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Joey Poareo Biography

Joey Poareo is a developer and serial entrepreneur. Joey is well known in the blockchain and decentralization sphere as the co-founder at InuYasha, a decentralized incubator accelerator fund that uses DAO governance to speed up crypto projects like Guzzler and The Science Dao.

He has been in board and executive positions across multiple industries from blockchain technology to mental health rehabilitation and healthcare. He has also led philanthropic efforts in providing housing and care for close to 50 children. Currently, Joey brings his talent and abundant leadership skills to a multi-project corporation, consisting of tens of thousands of individuals.

Mr Poareo has worked almost his entire professional career in startups across multiple industries and has worked as deal flow aggregator for venture capital investment.

More recently, Joey Poareo has been involved in blockchain technology as the CEO of The Science DAO,  a decentralized think tank, incubator engine, and accelerator platform aimed to empower inventors, entrepreneurs, and institutions to collaborate and make informed investments in a wide spectrum of technologies and life sciences. In his role as CEO, he oversees the organization’s mission.

Some of the positions held by Joey along the years has been:

• Managing Director- Beech Street Holdings

• Board Member - Green Trail Technologies INC

• Board Member - Bdayfreeday

• Partner - Rose Pacific Holdings LLC Manhattan Beach, California

• Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder - The Sachiko Group Inc

• Advisory Board Member - Rose Pacific Environmental Inc

• The Evergreen State College

About The Science DAO decentralized think tank

The Science DAO, launched by Yasha, is a decentralized autonomous organization built on the Ethereum blockchain that seeks to leverage the community-building strength of DAOs to create a strong and loyal group of creatives and brilliant minds.

InuYasha has launched three other projects to date — Guzzler, Cliff, and Pochi Inu — all of which have been tremendously successful and have raised millions of dollars. With a track record of 3-on-3, it is reasonable to expect a positive outcome from the launch of The Science DAO.

The Science DAO’s vision stems from the challenge that has long plagued the scientific community — the lack of community support for innovators for their disruptive inventions and emerging technologies. The project’s idea is that these like-minded people would fall under the same roof to support investors and propel scientific innovation by raising funds unanimously.

"At its core, The Science DAO is a strong community of geniuses, innovators, and brilliant minds that collaborates on groundbreaking inventions and innovation but without bureaucracy or sour politics." - Joey Poareo

The workings of The Science DAO are quite intuitive. To obtain funds for any innovation or project, the person would first have to submit their project to the DAO.

The project is then scrutinized by the members of the DAO, following which they vote on the same. Like most other DAOs, each governance token is considered to be 1 vote.

Post-approval of the project, the DAO creates a corresponding NFT that represents the fundraiser. All proceeds from the sales of these NFTs (minting and secondary market sales) go toward the development of the project.

There would certainly be a significant number of rejected projects, but even in such cases, the innovators can still raise funds and be incubated by individuals within the DAO.

One of the key reasons why blockchain enthusiasts are backing this DAO and are hyped about it is its target demographics. While the average Joe can get his hands on the DAOs governance token on the open market, the tokens would be primarily distributed to individuals in institutions, universities, and scientific funds.

Further, the tokenomics in their white paper specifies that no wallet can hold more than 1% of the total token supply, i.e., 1 billion of the total 100 billion tokens. This is a strong indicator as it is an attempt to keep whales at bay.

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