Sir John Tusa is a British arts administrator, author, journalist and former presenter of BBC's Newsnight. In the latest episode of Dinis Guarda YouTube podcast, John discusses his latest book, “Bright Sparks”, providing an inspiring narrative of how creativity and innovation can ignite success in business. The podcast is powered by and

Sir John Tusa is a British arts administrator, author, journalist and former presenter of BBC's Newsnight. The co-chairman of the European Union Youth Orchestra and the former managing director of the BBC World Service and the Barbican Arts Centre, John explained the importance of incorporating the “human factor” and building relationships.

Being out naturally, not being stuck in your office, and knowing individuals plays a big role in establishing meaningful relationships.

Helping people to understand that actually the person who is responsible for taking some of the decisions is actually no different from the people who are making the decisions work”, John told Dinis.

The co-chairman of the European Union Youth Orchestra, the recipient of honorary doctorate from Heriot-Watt University and the knighthood from the Queen, John speaks about leadership:

Leadership has to be made and shown when it is necessary. Leadership doesn’t mean to be better or superior to the people who run the organisation. It is a perfect amalgamation of risk taking abilities, innovation, creativity, and financial discipline.”

Bright Sparks: How creativity and innovation spark business success

Sir John Tusa is also a recognised author. His book, "Engaged with the Arts: Writings from the Frontline", published in 2007 in which he addresses the challenges of promoting the arts in the face of ongoing funding issues. Collaborating with his historian wife, Ann Tusa, John has also co-authored books such as "The Nuremberg Trial" (1983) and "The Berlin Blockade" (1988), as well as works on the arts, including "Art Matters," "On Creativity," and "The Janus Aspect: Artists in the C20."

Everything I’ve written, has been very closely connected with the work that I have done. One thing that I have learned from working with my wife is that if you want to write in a compelling way, you have to tell stories”, he told Dinis.

Speaking about stories, he explained that his latest book, “Bright Sparks: How Creativity and Innovation Can Ignite Business Success”, explores situations where pioneering leaders in various sectors have overcome challenges to deliver inspired, imaginative and bold initiatives that make a huge impact upon business and society.

It is a book about leadership and innovation, but it has some really powerful stories where people have actually done something”, John tells Dinis.

The perseverance and flexibility can enable leaders towards success

During the interview, John told Dinis the stories of many leaders that changed the world with their vision, perseverance, and discipline. “The people in the book had an idea and thought of making it work. They did not just fade out, but continued to set things alight”, he said.

Speaking about how creativity and innovation can ignite business success, he told Dinis that there are three stages: Vision, practicality, and persistence.

He concluded the interview, inspiring the leaders by saying:

When it comes to decision-making, personal or institutional, follow what your head thinks, your heart feels, and your stomach knows. In my experience, my body always tells me the truth. You can be fooled by your head, beguiled by your heart, but your body will always tell you the right decision. I have found this accurate through several crises now.”