Forex trading lists high on the lucrative new businesses to start index. However, it requires a lot of patience, practice, and training.

The liquidity offered by the forex market is second to none, investors can get back the cash at any point they want. But being aware of the happenings in the market before you start investing can be beneficial to you.


The prices in forex trading are directly impacted by the market setup. Also crucial to consider is the fear of scams in the minds of investors. They make them reluctant to show interest in new entities.

The Plan

An entrepreneur can have higher chances of success if there is a plan in place. It can ensure you uncover the unknowns and chart the particulars of the business. Few pointers that you can consider to get going:

  • What costs can you incur when opening a currency trading business?
  • What costs can you incur for the ongoing operations of a currency trading business?
  • Who will be your target customers?
  • How do you make money from a currency trading business?
  • What can you charge the customers for opting services of a currency trading business?
  • What profit percentage can you expect from a currency trading business?
  • How can you make a currency trading business more profitable?
  • What can be the name of the currency trading business?

The costs that you incur on the hardware for initial setup would be minimal if you opt to keep it less device intensive. The recurring costs can include the charges for an internet connection and regular software upgrades. 

However, if you are choosing to be a broker, the costs can go up significantly high and can include

  • Software maintenance and upgrades
  • Server costs 
  • Servicing traders who use your platform

When you start a business as a market-maker or broker, your target customers can include other traders, and at times other brokers too. The current trending charges for broking are around 0 to 4 pips (percentage in point or price interest point) per trade. You can charge around similar prices to remain in the consideration set of your target customers. 

The Customers and Trust Factor

A vital aspect of the currency trading business is being transparent with the prospects and the existing clients. You can win their trust by clearly putting forth your trading practices. You can choose to avoid any missouts in the buy and sell orders. Another good practice can be avoiding the use of markups to amplify profits. 

All these are crucial in a market that has seen scammers and fraudsters wipe off all the money from retail investors. Fraudulent practices by some of the forex brokers have led to the downpour of devastation for many.

The ill motive of a select few to extract maximum profits have led to many forex scams. Entities aiding the victims to get their money back from a forex broker, who took it by unfair means, are on the rise. It is an assuring facet that can help victims of such crime get their cases registered and heard for a resolution.

Therefore, winning the trust of your customers from day one can help you secure long-term profits for your new company.

The Legal Bindings

The entity with which you will operate has to fall under the common business structures. These include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, and corporation. You can mitigate the personal risks by choosing to form an LLC or limited liability company or a corporation.

Registering for a Federal Tax Identification Number or FTIN can help to serve as a first step towards paying the taxes. The FTIN number will help to register for the taxes as per the state and federal requisites. 

Opting to open a business account and applying for its credit card is the natural next step. It ensures easy tracking of business funds and protects your wealth. An accurate and detailed accounting system can help you keep track of all the expenses relating to the business.

You need to comply with the state and local permit and licensing laws. Another crucial aspect is the charting of the Service Contract and Informed Consent Agreement. These are essential to define the scope of work that you will be providing to your clients and the limitations of the contract too.

Therefore when you plan to start your currency trading business, you can refer to the above. Although these do not make up an exhaustive list but can help to direct you towards the right path. Being cautious and transparent is the key to sustain in the business for a long time.