Daniel Doll-Steinberg, the co-founder of EdenBase, and Stuart Leaf presents 'Unsupervised: Navigating and Influencing a World Controlled by Powerful New Technologies', a rallying cry for business leaders and citizens everywhere to become aware of, and active in, engaging with the powerful new technologies shaping our world today. A new book due to be published on September 13 by Wiley.

Technology isn't just about the devices we use every day - it's shaping our societies, our economies, and our future. Millions of people use smart devices daily, yet, there is growing angst about the rapid pace of technological advancement. Digital Information World reveals that 24% of adults don't understand the technology and it's shocking.

It's not easy to keep up with the sudden changes caused by frontier technologies, especially AI.

That's where Daniel Doll-Steinberg and Stuart Leaf step in with their book that demystifies technology in "Unsupervised: Navigating and Influencing a World Controlled by Powerful New Technologies”. In there, the authors embark the readers on a journey to dissect the broad range of new immensely powerful technologies that are disrupting and transforming every corner of our reality, offering readers a comprehensive roadmap to act and adapt.

We’ve allowed technology for our benefit. But, I worry that we are allowing people to develop these technologies without any oversight. Because the technologies that we are creating are based on their creators. So, whoever creates the frontier technology, the cognitive systems after many years are going to have their flavour to it”, said Daniel Doll-Steinberg in an interview with Dinis Guarda.

Writing from his wealth of experience, Daniel Doll-Steinberg is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, government advisor and co-founder of the Atari Token project. He is now the co-founder of EdenBase, along with Eric van der Kleij. The platform based fund offers investments and is rolling out global shared spaces for innovative companies. Through these spaces, companies have the opportunity to collaborate with experts and technology providers on market adoption of disruptive technologies.

Unsupervised Book: The tech odyssey and the new meaning of “reality”

The new powerful technologies that have become a part of our everyday lives lead us to a dual reality: one of boundless potential and another of intricate challenges. 

This conjecture (of dual reality) has permeated every facet of our existence, from the ways we conduct business and access information to how we connect with one another across the globe. "Unsupervised" takes the reader on an expedition through the frontiers of technology, dissecting each layer and unveiling the profound implications these advancements carry. 

The authors delve into the crucial technologies that are reshaping our world, ranging from foundational technologies to the hardware that bridges the gap between humans and machines. 

The book presents different dimensions of the impacts that disruptive technologies have on various sectors: economy, work, education, communication, and many more. This provides the readers a helicopter-view of how these innovations have redefined the way we live, interact, and even control the planet.

From examining the ethical dilemmas and policy challenges arising from these innovations to exploring how technology is reinventing itself, the book offers a panoramic view of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. It delves into key influencers in frontier technologies and contemplates the future of our increasingly interconnected society.

"Unsupervised: Navigating and Influencing a World Controlled by Powerful New Technologies" transcends the boundaries of a mere informational guide; it serves as a call to action for individuals, leaders, and policymakers alike. With every chapter, Daniel and Stuart underline the urgent need for an ethical and thoughtful approach to the implementation and supervision - rather than blunt and ultimately ineffective regulation -  of these technologies. They challenge readers to embrace change, reinvent their perspectives, and actively engage in shaping a future where technology harmoniously coexists with humanity.

The ‘Unsupervised’ is the key to unlock a tech-driven tomorrow

We find ourselves at the crossroads of an unprecedented technological revolution that has dramatically altered the way we live, work, and interact. The landscape around us has been reshaped in the past few decades by the advent of powerful new technologies, pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, from quantum computing to biotechnology, the impact of these innovations is profound and far-reaching, ushering in a new era, what we call the Web 3.0.

Yet, amidst the whirlwind of progress, an unsettling reality persists: the majority of us remain blissfully unaware of the true extent of technology's reach. Unless we take meaningful and impactful actions now, this relentless evolution will continue to surge forward, potentially spiraling beyond our current comprehension and oversight.

As we stand on the cusp of a new era defined by powerful technologies, "Unsupervised" emerges as a beacon of understanding, guiding us through the complexities of our tech-infused world. Through its insightful exploration of technology's impact on humanity, economics, education, and more, this book invites us to challenge the status quo and actively shape the trajectory of our digital future. By dissecting important uses of technologies, exploring ethics and policy implications, and painting a comprehensive picture of the transformative potential of tech, "Unsupervised" empowers readers to harness the power of technology and navigate the unpredictable yet exciting voyage ahead.