• David Kay is the Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Liti Capital. It is a Swiss investment company that investigates and participates in potential litigation funding. These solutions are based on a combination of advanced data analytics and the use of blockchain technology.

• Dinis Guarda’s interview with David Kay is in the tradition of citiesabc’s openbusinesscouncil YouTube Series of interviews with thought leaders and personalities at the top of their fields.

A well-known lawyer and investment banker, David Kay is the Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Liti Capital, a Swiss investment company that combines blockchain-based solutions, advanced data analytics and investigative capabilities to conduct litigation funding. David is considered one of the most successful and in-demand litigation finance strategists in the history of the 15-year-old litigation finance industry and he led one of the largest international arbitration awards in history – bringing in more than one billion US dollars of cash and securities.

In an interview - live now on YouTube, Spotify and over 20 different podcasts directories- carried out by openbusinesscouncil and citiesabc CEO Dinis Guarda, David went on to review his fruitful background career and his pivotal role in the growth and democratization of litigation finance. A line of work he has mastered over the last 15 years and one that he is keen to continue as Executive Chairman of Liti Capital.

With the vow of getting justice and benevolent thought of giving back to the community, David Kay, along with Jonas Rey, Andy Christen and  Jaime Delgado, conceived the idea of Liti Capital. It commits to bring equity to small businesses or any person with financial constraints from getting defrauded by a big company.

“The idea that scammers can freely operate in the crypto sphere without facing the consequences of their actions must end to bring trust and change the perception blockchain and crypto projects have in our society. Liti Capital and its extended team have a particular set of skills to initiate lawsuits in any part of the world, hire the best legal team and find assets belonging to defendants of cases Liti Capital pursues. Liti Capital commits to allocate between 5% and 10% of its yearly investment budget to finance cases that have affected its community members. Any LITI or wLITI token holder can report a purported fraud to the company.” – David Kay

“We, for no profit, have the ability for people who have lost money, where it would never be economical to help them”, said David, explaining that the money in dispute is almost certainly gone as it would cost a couple more times the original one for the litigation. “We are going to be there to help people that are getting scammed, defrauded in this space”, he assures confidently.

Democratization of private equity funding: The idea bridging the world of financing and litigation

David points out clearly in his interview with citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil CEO and host Dinis Guarda, that there is an arbitrary line for investment in a private equity firm in almost all the jurisdictions around the world. Some of the willful investors have less than the capped value than others. “99.9% of the people around the world are not even allowed to invest in litigation funding”, points out David as the reason that most people are unaware of the latest concept where one can stand up for a cause, and make a difference in the society. This creates a need for democratization of finance and funding.

This is where Liti Capital makes a revolutionary leap and bridges the gap. “This is an actual company with actual equity that is traded on the blockchain, bringing this asset-class to everybody. Everybody in the world should have secured, underlined assets in returns that are going to generate safe values”, David Kay mentions.

Underlying principle of Liti Capital

The working structure for Liti Capital is to work in a regulation proof manner. This means setting up a structure that is in compliance with almost all the jurisdictions around the globe. For this, they came up with a two-tier structure. David proudly informs that it is one of the four companies in the world that has an approval from the Swiss regulators to offer an equity token. This means all its token holders have the same rights as shareholders in any other company. Therefore, he convincingly reiterates the money is safe.

He further enlightens that LitiToken can be bought by anyone, and converted instantaneously to wliti or wrapped liti token that can be traded at all the exchanges without any hassle like time consuming conversions, or KYC requirements, or requirement of being a credit investor. One can do this conversion while being present at any part of the world.

This key concept, he beams, where they are being regulatorily compliant and being able to deliver their promises, creates the necessary trust with their clients.

Conclusively, David states “We have to do it in a way where we are creating a dream: getting money from the community, making money for the community, and doing good; all at the same time. Liti Capital has been created to achieve that ecosystem. Fighting back against crypto scams and frauds, and protecting people who are harmed is the core of what we do. We are doing it to make profits, and also to give back.” 

About Liti Capital

Liti Capital amalgamates the concept of conventional investment, blockchain and indictment. It paves way for a platform that makes private equity funding accessible for everyone. Its main objective is to fund the litigations ranging from small scale business to global ones- specifically those that face regulations for filing lawsuits.

However, what makes this method empirical in its nature is the selection criteria for the various lawsuits. Only those that win the probability screening over the looming risks are considered worthy of funding. This is indispensable because the funding method is non-recourse. That is, if the claim is lost in the court, the client is not liable to pay back the investor.

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