• Dinis Guarda, a global top influencer, author, founder and CEO of ztudium, launches the Metaverseabc Mstudios, an immersive tech, digital Twins, Avatars, AI, media Metaverse studios set of solutions.

• Metaverseabc Mstudios ztudium and citiesabc.com are creating and offering an all-new immersive Metaverse 3D solutions for cities and organisations that aims to bridge digital and physical with immersive digital twins.

Dinis Guarda and ztudium group, creators of citiesabc.com, openbusinesscouncil.org fashionabc.org and a diversified AI, Blockchain, Data and Metaverse technology solutions firm, has launched Metaverseabc Mstudios - a horizontal integrated Metaverse immersive experience fulfilment studios. Metaverseabc Mstudios is an immersive web 3.0, tech AI, Avatars creator and developer studio. Metaverseabc Mstudios by Dinis Guarda, creator of the fast growing platforms citiesabc.com, a cities metaverse network, openbusinesscouncil.org, a business directory and fashionabc.org, aims to create metaverse experiences that offers integrated AR, VR and MR solutions with a wide scope for cities, businesses, governments and organisations as they walk in the next iteration of the Metaverse.

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (www) in 1989. Neal Stephenson, the sci-fi writer, in 1992, created the term 'metaverse' to describe a 3D virtual space. Also known as the decentralised web, Web 3.0 is the third iteration of the Internet, which is an improvement over the current Web 2.0 Internet. Under Web 2.0, the Internet has become more socially-oriented. Internet users have been motivated to connect with each other through social networking services and blogs, which has resulted in the creation of massive volumes of data and content. However, this data and content are largely controlled and monetised by a small group of tech giants including, Amazon, Apple, Meta (facebook), Microsoft, and Google.

Dinis Guarda’s vision for the global technology platform and IP metaverseabc - an utility platform for the web 3.0 immersive new technologies that creates new virtual and augmented solutions for cities, citizens, artists, creators, sports people, influencers, individuals, organisations. Metaverseabc is an augmented digital transformation web 3 studio that offers certification NFT marketplaces, metaverse stores, advanced avatars - AvatarsDNA - and immersive digital twins Metaverse solutions.

Dinis Guarda mentioned:

The Metaverse transforms our experiences as a society. It is a pathway to immersive digital transformation, to the physical and virtual digital twins of our imagination, cities, buildings, health, physical bodies, and desires. The metaverse will transform our present and virtual world in a way that our digital twins or avatars connect through houses, cities, work, buildings, travel, or entertainment using increasing augmented reality “AR” and virtual reality “VR”, Mixed Reality solutions far ahead of the present digital platforms and headsets. Metaverseabc and MStudios aims to be a bridge between physical and digital that offers real utility solutions to us as citizens and our businesses and cities.”

The Metaverse technologies and web 3.0 are the most disruptive technologies of our times.

Countries and regions that break into the world’s top metaverse economies and narratives will foster:

1. New business, sales and commercial opportunities;

2. Boost their tourisms sector and create new experiences;

3. Attract global investment;

4. Create physical and virtual jobs;

5. Add substantial value to their region/cities’ GDP in five years.

Research from Citibank highlights the metaverse could be a $13 trillion industry by 2030.

Metaverse sector industries are creating new business models and ways to enhance cities, regions, countries and businesses worldwide.

Metaverseabc, MStudios and citiesabc.com are created and part of ztudium techabc group, and created and led by Dinis Guarda.

About ztudium group

Ztudium is a global leading maker of industry 4IR Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, AI, Metaverse, Blockchain and research cutting edge innovation tech. ztudium is a company member of the European AI Alliance, UN Global Compact and collaborates with multiple education and business networks such as leading Universities and Business Schools.

ztudium is focused on building best solutions, code, platforms for the big problems of our time using emerging / disruptive technologies such as AI, blockchain, DLT data driven tech.

ztudium was founded by  Dinis Guarda, a global author / serial entrepreneur/influencer who has been working / advising global leading governments, institutions & corporations. Our team comprehends global doers (with an outstanding portfolio of work) with global leading companies, governments and brands.

The company is headquarters in London, UK and has representation and offices in: Lisbon, Porto, Portugal, Hanoi, Vietnam, New Delhi, India, Dubai, UAE

About Metaverseabc Mstudios

Metaverseabc Mstudios is an immersive metaverse, AI, Blockchain, NFT and Avatars digital innovation and incubation studios wherein partners, creators, developers can explore cutting edge metaverse solutions for their businesses and organisations with an ability to ramp up or down the experiment in a safe and secure digital augmented environment. There are many relevant use cases of the metaverse, such as the virtual AR city hall, digital twin buildings and public services centre to engage citizens.

About citiesabc.com

citieasabc is a platform created by Dinis Guarda founder of ztudium techabc group to empower cities and their businesses, creators, artists, influencers, people with disabilities, individuals, public organisations and all citizens.

citieasabc is creating a metaverse driven marketplace for global cities that includes bridges and trade corridors between physical and virtual for their citizens, organisation, businesses with web 3 wiki , AR, VR, MR, data ESG solutions.

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Hernaldo Turrillo