Dinis Guarda interviews Dr. Yildiz Tugba Kurtulus Kara, President of Society 5.0 Institute, on the latest episode of his YouTube Podcast series, in association with citiesabc.com, openbusinesscouncil.org, and fashionabc.org, to discuss the key principles and ideas that guide us towards building Society 5.0.

  Dr. Yildiz Tugba Kurtulus Kara is a London-based social entrepreneur and a senior international political economy expert with more than 20 years of experience working in international trade, project management, and business sustainability in public and private institutions and public NGOs.

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As part of his basic instinct to get to the bottom of things, Dinis asked Dr. Kara about her capability to manage exceptional academic and professional achievements early in the interview. She explained the bridge that she made between the two and said that the turning point arrived while she was pursuing her Master's at the London School of Economics.

"I started looking for greater concepts such as geopolitics and geo-economics. I focussed on technology, society, and international relations and how societies change at lightning speed with technological developments. I realised that there is a massive gap between the pace of technological developments and social adaptation to these developments. Also, efforts to manage or slow down globalisation and trade protectionism are not enough. Then I started to work on smart society implementation, with particular focus on the Japanese idea of Society 5.0.", Dr. Kara told Dinis.

Pointing to her exemplary work done in creating trade corridors, Dinis asked Dr. Kara about the journey she went through. She told Dinis that trade corridors have become more relevant topics after COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. From her years of experience in building economic and cultural experiences, she emphasised the Japanese concept of Society 5.0 to bring comprehensive and sustainable development to the world.

Tech4Societies: Carving out Society 5.0

The two experts, Dr. Kara and Dinis himself, then, transitioned into the deeper concepts that lay down the foundations of a sustainable world. Summarising the concept of Society 5.0, Dr. Kara says:- " We can summarise it as Tech4Societies and Tech4SDGs. It particularly tries to answer the question of how we can maximise the benefits of the latest technologies and avoid all potential risks. We need to have a coordinated effort to overcome the social and economic problems we have."

Adding to this, she emphasised on this society incorporates technology and society to be the integral component of this vision. She told Dinis that while technology offers great opportunities to solve global socio-economic problems and achieve SDGs, it needs to be managed and regulated to make it inclusive for everyone.    
Working for the society 5.0 vision for nearly six years, she established the Society 5.0 Institute in Istanbul to work on the best practices of the Society 5.0 vision.

Getting future ready with solution economy

Dinis asked Dr. Kara to throw light on Society 5.0 Institute. She explained that Society 5.0 Institute is a social enterprise committed to fostering social innovations serving SDGs through mission-oriented use of technology.

She said that to be future-ready, we should revise our processes, embedding sustainability in all the processes of our business models. She further said that digital transformation does not necessarily mean the transformation of businesses. According to her, it transforms every aspect of our life: our institutions, our way of living, and communication. To achieve this, she emphasised the importance of digital literacy and strategies to bring awareness among businesses and individuals.

Society 5.0 Institute is working in London as a social enterprise, providing consultancy services to companies. It helps businesses to develop their own digital transformation roadmap with a holistic approach to promote United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

In concluding the interesting interview, Dr. Kara said:- "It is important to find solutions to global problems with technology to achieve the sustainability goals set by the UN. But addressing all of them together will not be possible. This solution economy can only be created layer by layer to finally achieve the holistic growth and development of our societies."

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