From startups to multinational corporations, companies of all sizes face a myriad of challenges and unpredictable situations that can profoundly impact their operations and prospects. In the present times, where the world is recuperating from a pandemic while being challenged by a rapidly evolving technological landscape, uncertain times is now a universal phenomenon. 

These 'certain uncertainties', as we can conveniently call them, are inherent to businesses and demand a strategic and agile approach to survive and thrive in the face of ever-changing conditions.

"All of us, as humans, go through times of 'certain uncertainties': our emotional intelligence, fears, and insecurities. In the present times where there are lots of uncertainties in terms of geo-politics and technology. It is our ability to balance all this and create our spaces that are alive and thriving; and how we can actually stay in the unknown. There are actually a lot of opportunities that exist beyond our challenges", said Dinis.

To highlight this, Dinis reviews 'Certain Uncertainty: Leading with Agility and Resilience in an Unpredictable World'. The book is published by Wiley and curated by renowned management theorist, Des Dearlove

Certain Uncertainty: Leading with Agility and Resilience in an Unpredictable World

'Certain Uncertainty' is an illuminating narrative of how to build resilience and agility into our lives and businesses. The book collects advice and fresh thinking from Top business leaders by Thinkers50 and presents them in a way that helps managers and executives to navigate contemporary markets.

Some of the experts who have contributed to the book include: Sheree Atcheson, Ori Brafman, Rom Brafman, Paul R. Carlile, Julie Carrier, Kirstin Ferguson, Nathan Furr, Susannah Harmon Furr, Amy Gallo, Matt Gitsham, Ruth Gotian, Mehran Gul, Diane Hamilton, Maja Korica, Marianne W. Lewis, David Liddle, Terence Mauri, Jennifer Moss, Gorick Ng, David Nour, Simone T.A. Phipps, Leon C. Prieto, Ben Pring, Megan Reitz, Wendy K. Smith, Lisa Kay Solomon, Modupe Taylor-Pearce, Tamsen Webster, Ben Whitter, Andrew Winston, and Kai D. Wright

"We have a lot of changes and velocities in our times. The book addresses the paradox where we try to find certainty. How we, as leaders, can control what can't be controlled and how we can learn to respond efficiently and adapt quickly to the disruptions and transformational changes that are appearing ever more frequently and suddenly", Dinis highlighted.

The ideas shared in the book encompass some of the thought-provoking topics, like Resilience, net positive leadership, radical empathy, navigating paradox, voices of difference at work, social sustainability, justice at work, and navigating ambivalence.

Dinis referred to the episode of his YouTube podcast, where he interviewed Des Dearlove, and Megan Reitz, one of the contributors to the book. He highlighted the introduction from Des:

"To be able to respond better to unforeseen events, we need to build resilience and agility into our lives, including the way that businesses operate. 

Change is now constant; disruption is to be expected and it requires adaptability in response. We can't go back, we must go forward. 

The next generation of leaders need to know about leading with 'Certain Uncertainty."

About Des Dearlove

Des Dearlove is a British business journalist, management theorist and a prolific author. He is also the co-founder of Thinkers50, the first global ranking of management thinkers with Stuart Crainer.

A BSc in Politics and Economics from the University of Southampton. Des Dearlove has an extensive background in journalism. He is a former columnist to The (London) Times and contributing editor to Strategy+Business. He was the co-editor (with Stuart Crainer) of the Financial Times Handbook of Management.

As an author, Des Dearlove has recently released a compilation titled ‘Certain Uncertainty: Leading with Agility and Resilience in an Unpredictable World’ released as a co-branded book series in collaboration with Wiley and Thinkers50. In ‘Certain Uncertainty’, he discusses how to build resilience and agility into our lives and businesses, and he does it through advice and fresh thinking from accomplished business leaders.

He is a prolific author and has co-written several other books including: Generation Entrepreneur (, Gravy Training: Inside the Business of Business Schools (Jossey-Bass), and The Ultimate Book of Business Thinking (Capstone).

Des Dearlove has also written fiction books under the pen name of D.D. Everest. He has authored Archie Greene, a trilogy for children (published by Faber & Faber). In 2014, Archie Greene and the Magician’s Secret was shortlisted for the National Book Awards.

Des Dearlove has also taught at leading business schools, including IE Business School, and the Saïd Business School at Oxford University, where he is an associate fellow.

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