Don't Let Your Recycling Company End Up In Landfill

When we first invented plastic we were churning it out like there was no tomorrow and throwing it away by the ton. Then we realized that might not be the best idea because it isn’t going to degrade, it’ll just sit there for thousands of years to come. Now that we’ve started running out of space, somebody came up with the great idea of recycling it. That idea may have come a bit too late in the game and so recycling companies are playing catch up. Also, companies in every industry are making an effort to go green because consumers take that into consideration when choosing products. That means there is always an abundance of work for the companies that deal with recycling plastics. It’s not the sexiest business to be in, but it is a very safe one that is likely to see a return. If you are considering starting your own plastics recycling company, here’s how to make it a success.

Decide Who You Work With

There are a few different places that you can source the plastic that you recycle. You could try to work with local authorities and take on some of the plastic that they get from garbage collections. This ensures a steady stream, but they often use larger companies so it might be a bit harder for you to get those contracts. Your other option is to work directly with businesses and take their recyclable plastics off their hands. You can reform it into products and sell it back to them at a reduced price. You are more likely to get contracts with smaller businesses that can’t afford to or don’t want to deal with the bigger companies.

Focus On Quality

One of the reservations that people have about buying recycled products is that the quality isn’t as good as something that has been made from new plastic. This doesn’t have to be the case if you put a lot of effort into creating quality products. Hire employees with scientific molding training to make sure that your products are formed perfectly without any blemishes. This will set you apart from some of the other companies that might be putting out sub-par products.

Get The Right Equipment

The only issue you might find when trying to start a plastic recycling company is the start-up costs. Recycling involves a lot of expensive machinery and quite a few separate processes before you have something that you can sell. It might be tempting to go for the cheaper equipment or cut corners in other ways. If you do this, you won’t get the level of quality that we talked about earlier and that is the thing that is likely to help you become profitable.

Find A Good Location

The key to locating your recycling plant is proximity to plastic sources. If you have transport the plastic over long distances, the transit costs are going to eat into your profits in a big way. Finding a space in an area that is close to lots of different businesses allows you to bring in a lot of plastic quickly and without huge transit costs.