Dr. Emad Rahim joins technology specialist Ztudium as new Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Global Education Initiatives in North America.

Ztudium, a technology specialist and digital transformation, AI, blockchain, DTL tech and crypto consultancy company, is the editor of Openbusinesscouncil.org and intelligenthq.com, among others. As COO of Global Education Initiatives, Dr. Rahim will lead the development and design of our new business education directory and university ranking system for Open Business Council. He will also create, advise, manage and integrate media content for IntelligentHQ

The COO will work strategically with the senior leadership team to identify focus areas for partnerships with universities, colleges, business schools and industries serving higher education. Dr. Rahim is widely regarded as an academic innovator and collaborative higher education leader, having served as the Dean at Colorado Technical University, Strayer University and Claremont Lincoln University. In his role at these universities, he led in the development of over two dozen new degree program offerings (online and on-campus), achieved multiple programmatic accreditations and professional degree alignments, earned specialized business degree rankings and awards and founded multiple Centers of Excellence. Dr. Rahim currently serves as the Kotouc Family Endowed Chair and Professor at Bellevue University and Founding Director of the Project Management Center of Excellence. As the Endowed Chair, he manages all project management education programs and trainings at the University and operates the Center of Excellence. He also engages in institution-building by collaborating with organizations, institutions and individuals both within and outside the university. He completed his post-doctoral studies at Harvard, Tulane and the University of Maryland Global Campus, earned a doctorate in management and two graduate degrees in business from Colorado Technical University and completed his undergraduate education at Empire State College and Onondaga Community College. He was awarded an honorary Ph.D. from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and honorary degree from Onondaga Community College. He is a Fulbright recipient, TEDx Speaker and Award-Winning Educator and Entrepreneur. Dr. Rahim was the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Alumni Award issued by the American Association of Community Colleges, honored with the John H. Mulroy Founder's Award by the Board of Trustees at Onondaga Community College and received the Community Impact Award from Empire State College. He was recognized by the United Nations Foundation as an Empact100 Honoree and won the Entrepreneur Teaching Excellence Award from Oklahoma State University and Presidential Teaching Innovation Award from Bellevue University.


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