EdenBase, the ecosystem founded by two prominent innovators and ecosystem creators Eric van der Kleij and Daniel Doll-Steinberg, launched its first investment competition at the end of 2020. In order to identify promising startups for investment from the EdenBase fund, and to join and benefit from its transformative community in London, the team looked for companies with the potential to become super-performers by implementing frontier technology such as AI, Blockchain or 5G. 

The Top 20 Semi-Finalists will all benefit from joining the EdenBase community and been invited to the Virtual Base Camp Week (22-26 March) for interviews, panels, and content sessions. Selected from many great applications, these 20 companies are now one step closer to benefitting from the ecosystem and receiving investment from the EdenBase fund. The Top 10 Finalists will be announced at the end of the bootcamp and offered a package of benefits, prizes, and a variety of perks. Out of these finalists, the EdenBase team will then select and announce the 2 winning companies that will receive investment (up to £145K) from the EdenBase fund plus up to £105K of desks and additional benefits. The competition has reached a global audience, receiving submissions from teams in 28 countries, applying to be considered to join and benefit from the EdenBase ecosystem and fund. The team would like to thank all of the applicants for their interest, time, and energy they put into their submissions. All applications have been reviewed by the EdenBase team and panel of judges; including Anish Mohammed, Barrie Heptonstall, Bill Tai, Carolina Casas Forga, Charles Seely, Dinis Guarda, Gijs Dutry van Haeften, Gokce Gizer, Hannah Leach, James Bowater, Lisa Andrews, Marta Piekarska-Geater, Michael DaCosta-Babb, Stephen Precious, and Zayed AlNehayan. The EdenBase judging panel of prominent investors, serial entrepreneurs, tech experts, and ecosystem builders, carefully evaluated the applications, assessing the team, product, and market opportunity for each submission to identify the qualifying teams to move forward in the competition.


The Top 20 Semi-Finalists of the first EdenBase Competition:


AMAST  - The B2B online marketplace for construction materials (New York, US)

ApRbot - Reduce cost and increase speed in documents workflow with AI (London, UK)

BIMCRONE- Smart Solution, Realtime project management tool for the AEC Industry (Ankara, Turkey)

Breezy AI-powered Partnership Platform- Strategic partnerships platform (London, UK)

Coinpass- Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptocurrency with coinpass.com (London, UK)

Deeplight - We solve industry problems by combining ML/AI with domain expertise (London, UK)

ESGi- A new platform to enable ESG data to be gathered, authenticated and shared (London, UK) Faradai (formerly Reengen) - Energy & Sustainability Intelligence solution for enterprises (London, UK)

Geodo Technology- Marking, Automatic Mapping and Reporting System (Ankara, Turkey)

Good Life Sorted- A technology-enabled platform connecting elderly people with vetted, local Helpers (London, UK) Grandeo - A blockchain and cybersecurity startup - securing, sharing, and encrypting files (London, UK)

INHUBBER- B2B Contract Management and eSignature platform based on blockchain and AI (Berlin, Germany)

Optistructure- OptiStructure is an AI-based solution for the construction industry (Dubai, UAE)

PONS Tech- AI-driven wearable ultrasound device for pre-hospital diagnostic (New York, US)

Quin AI- The best salesperson in your online store (Istanbul, Turkey)

RafiQ - Android virtual assistant, understands and executes Arabic voice commands (Cairo, Egypt)

Resilience Partners Limited- RPL identifies & validates critical design, construction and operation data (London, UK)

Scribe Labs- Scribe helps banks to accelerate decision-making - fully automated analysis (London, UK)

S O NAH- AI-enabled sensor platform for cities - (Aachen, Germany)

Threedium 3D- Powerful 3D/AR Viewers for everyone! (London, UK)