Eight Ways to Improve Your Fitness While Working

Being physically fit is not a requirement for most jobs today. However, it does help; from the added energy to the physical and mental benefits being physically fit is good for you. Some jobs do make it harder to improve your fitness because you're sat sedent for most of the day. Fear not, there are some things that you can do to look after yourself and your fitness while you are working. Making small changes to your daily routine will add up over time to impact your exercise regimen and your overall fitness levels.

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Walk & Talk

While it is true that it is far easier and quicker to reply to an email in kind, walking over to the person's desk and having a face-to-face conversation is guaranteed to improve your fitness levels and your communication skills. Depending on the demands of your job, you might be able to fit a lot more walking into your day. For example, if you take a lot of phone calls, you could use them as an opportunity to take a break from your screen and move around a little. Every step counts, after all.


Standing Desks

Standing burns more calories than you would think it does, and as such, standing desks have become exceedingly popular. Standing while working can increase your fitness, burn more calories, and help to correct your posture from sitting down for so long. Check these height adjustable desks in Australia that provide you with a complete desk unit, enabling you to easily switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. To learn more about the benefits of a standing desk, you can look up resources online, including blog posts by Branch Furniture who also sell a variety of standing desks to choose from.


Use Your Breaks

Even if you bring your own lunch to work, you can still use your lunch breaks. Instead of going to sit and eat your lunch in your office's canteen or staff room, why don't you use it as an opportunity to stretch your legs and find somewhere to eat alfresco? If you don't bring your lunch, then why don't you walk to the local shop instead of ordering food or getting something from the canteen. The benefits go beyond your fitness too; you get a chance for some fresh air and a change of scenery which can help you to feel more invigorated when coming back after lunch.


Do Some Desk Exercises

This one might feel and look awkward for you at first. But even doing a couple of minutes of desk exercises a day can get the blood pumping and be beneficial. You can choose exercises that feel the most natural to you and are the least noticeable. Some examples would include things like seated leg raises, calf raises, arm pumps or hand stretches, to name but a few. Doing a few exercises can help you with your circulation and actually increase your brain function, making you more productive.



Sitting down at a desk for eight hours a day can take its toll on your joints and your flexibility. By doing a few stretches at regular intervals throughout your workday can be incredibly beneficial, maybe more so than you would think. When you stretch, you are actually exercising all parts of your body and allowing more blood to enter your brain, which in turn can help get your creative juices flowing. Stretching can also be a great way to ward off any joint stiffness or pain whilst also boosting your energy levels and your alertness. You can easily incorporate stretches like torso twists, leg extensions, or wrist circles into your day.


Always Choose to Take the Stairs

If you are looking for an easy way to burn some extra calories throughout your day, then why not choose the stairs instead of the lift. Choosing to take the stairs allows you to stretch your legs and get more steps in. If you really want to challenge yourself, then you could run the stairs or try taking them two at a time. If you take enough stairs, then the exercise can help to get your endorphins flowing and put you in a better state of mind.


Watch What You Eat

While working at a desk all day, it can be really easy to find yourself mindlessly snacking. The things that you choose to put into your body affect you. If you want to improve your fitness while working, then you need to stay away from the chocolate biscuits and the crisps. Try to cut down on the amount of snacks you have during the day. You could also swap out your snacks and instead choose to keep healthier snacks near you, such as fruit, veggies or nuts. They are lower in calories, and they can help your concentration levels.


Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Too much caffeine can cause digestive issues and insomnia; it can also exacerbate a number of mental health disorders. This is not to say that you shouldn't drink any. However, if you do drink coffee, then try to limit your coffee intake to the morning only. You could also replace the coffee with something else like green tea. It has significantly less caffeine, and it can also aid in digestion, prompt your metabolism into action and get rid of the caffeine headaches.


In Conclusion

Improving your fitness and making healthier choices at work starts with you practicing more self-awareness. You need to know yourself, your triggers, and your habits so that you can come up with a plan that suits and works for you. Know your limits and take a vacation when you need to. Sometimes the difference between a good day and a bad day or a productive day and a wasted day comes down to an hour. An extra hour of sleep, or exercise, or work can really make a difference. Making a lifestyle change takes time and effort; it is about coming up with a routine that you can stick to. Having a desk job doesn't have to be an excuse to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.