Philanthropy.International is democratising the global philanthropy and impact investing sector, promoting Techno-Philanthropy, and facilitating meaningful connections among stakeholders, thereby shaping the future of philanthropy. 

The world of philanthropy is undergoing a transformation, thanks to the emergence of cutting-edge technologies and a global shift towards impact-driven investments. 

In recent years, a groundbreaking initiative has taken shape, poised to revolutionize the way we approach philanthropy and impact investing on a global scale. Philanthropy.International, an open-access platform, is leading the charge in democratizing the philanthropic landscape, creating a universally-accessible virtual environment for community building, impact-matching, and knowledge generation within the global philanthropy ecosystem

Philanthropy.International is leading to a growing global philanthropy ecosystem

As of 2023, the global philanthropy economy has reached a staggering $4 trillion, equivalent to 4% of the world's GDP. This remarkable growth highlights the increasing importance of philanthropy in addressing societal challenges and driving positive change. Philanthropy.International has played a pivotal role in mapping and profiling this dynamic global philanthropy ecosystem.

The platform's initial features include a comprehensive database profiling 100,000 beneficiary organizations, 50,000 donors, and 5,000 impact investors. Additionally, it encompasses 4,000 Techno-Philanthropy organizations, a testament to the growing influence of technology in driving social impact.

Philanthropy.International democratises knowledge and collaboration

Developed in collaboration with Deep Knowledge Philanthropy and AI Industry Analytics (AiiA), Philanthropy.International harnesses the power of big data analytics to maximize social impact while fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. It provides an interactive and searchable interface that connects stakeholders across the philanthropy sector, including charities, nonprofits, governmental organizations, volunteers, socially responsible companies, and impact investors.

The platform's mission is to enhance synergy, efficient cooperation, and discussions among these diverse participants. It equips decision-makers in the global philanthropy ecosystem with the tools and resources to enhance efficiency, transparency, accountability, and real-world social impact.

Techno-Philanthropy: A new paradigm by Philanthropy.International

One of the defining aspects of Philanthropy.International's mission is to champion the adoption of Techno-Philanthropy—a paradigm that advocates for the use of modern technological solutions for governance, logistics, operations, and accountability in philanthropic organizations. By integrating technology into philanthropy, organizations can maximize efficiency, transparency, and social impact.

The platform's Techno-Philanthropy ecosystem mapping profiles 4,000 organizations that leverage technology for social good. This move towards Techno-Philanthropy reflects the broader trend of technology-driven innovation in the philanthropy sector.

Impact investment matching platform by Philanthropy.International

Philanthropy.International is not stopping at Techno-Philanthropy but is also launching an Impact Investment Matching Platform. This ecosystem connects charities, nonprofits, sponsors, and volunteers in the philanthropy industry, enabling them to identify suitable donors, access transparent fundraising mechanisms, and gain visibility for their projects. It also simplifies the process for donors, allowing them to support projects aligned with their values with ease.

How Philanthropy.International leverages technology for greater social good

In an age where technology has revolutionised numerous industries, the Global AI Ecosystem believes that philanthropy should be no exception. By harnessing technology, philanthropic organizations can achieve unprecedented efficiency, transparency, and accountability, ultimately leading to greater social impact.

The platform's commitment to open-access products and projects is just the beginning. It aims to continue expanding its offerings, providing comprehensive insights and data coverage to enhance decision-making across the philanthropy sector.