Entrepreneurs are being offered free places on an acclaimed workshop to turn their hobbies and dreams into a business.

The popular, two-week-long PopUp Business School, run in partnership with Barnet Council and Brent Cross Shopping Centre, is returning to the district for the fifth year on September 21. The course, which will be run online, is aimed at everyone, from those with no cash and no business experience to fledgling start-ups that need guidance to keep on track. PopUp’s events are led by successful entrepreneurs and professionals and can be very sought after, with events regularly attracting over 100 aspiring business owners. At a similar event held last year, over a quarter of attendees started a new business and gained their first sale within five days. Simon Paine, PopUp Business School co-founder and CEO, said:

"There’s nothing better than meeting someone with no business experience and guiding them through their first sale - it can transform lives.

“You don’t need money, experience or a university degree to start a business. You just need an idea, some passion and a bit of help.

“Many of those attending will leave with a business and a first sale. Though I do expect to see a few familiar faces on the Zoom video as we’ve been coming to Brent for a few years now and have got to know a lot of people. 

“Everyone who attends should gain new business skills, confidence and a sense of direction and purpose. We like to say: ‘this is the best business course money can’t buy’.

The school boasts of offering opportunities to every member of society and welcomes applications from across the board. The Brent Cross Online PopUp Business School is available free of charge to participants through sponsorship and funding from Barnet Council and Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Whilst the event is being marketed to those living in or near to the Brent Cross area, anyone in the UK is welcome to attend. You can find out more and book a free place at PopUp Business School website.

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PopUp Business School was founded in 2011 by Simon Paine and Alan Donegan and helps people from all walks of life to start their own businesses. Its mission is to change the way entrepreneurship is taught across the world. It has educated over 7500 people in seven different countries through free events and helped launch 967 businesses in 2019 alone. Its work has been backed by organisations including Google, Henley Business School  and the Department for Work and Pensions. The PopUp Business School is the best business advice that money can't buy - all of its events are free. In response to the Covid-19 lockdown, PopUp launched a

Business Survival Guide

and ran twice-weekly, interactive webinars that have been accessed by thousands of entrepreneurs for free. The company is now using innovative live stream technology to bring their workshops to ever-growing audiences around the world.

"There’s never been a more important time to teach debt-free entrepreneurship,"

 said Paine.

"I see it as our duty to grow our audience size in the UK, develop our international partners and give practical help, information and inspiration to help people get started.”