The European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) announces the SDG Awards 2024, set to take place on September 20, 2024, in the picturesque Tegernsee Valley, Germany. This prestigious recognition program celebrates individuals, organisations, and initiatives that exemplify outstanding commitment and innovation in advancing the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Recognising Excellence in Sustainable Development

The EUTECH SDG Awards are designed to highlight and reward exceptional projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on sustainable development. These awards aim to foster a global community dedicated to the shared vision of creating a more sustainable and equitable world by showcasing success stories and creative campaigning

An Exceptional Awards and Recognition Package

Winners of the EUTECH SDG Awards 2024 will receive a comprehensive promotional package valued at over 10,000 Euros, designed to amplify their achievements and impact. This includes a professionally crafted promotional video highlighting their dedication to sustainable development, an exclusive feature in the prestigious V4E Magazine reaching a diverse and engaged readership, and a dedicated podcast episode exploring their journey and contributions. Additionally, winners will benefit from extensive promotion across the SDG Awards’ social media platforms, an official announcement to a network of over 50,000 individuals and organisations, and a prominent display of their logos on the SDG Awards website. They will also receive an exclusive invitation to the TECH Forum, potential sponsorship for travel to the EUTECH Forum, opportunities to speak at EUTECH events, access to a specialised matchmaking tool for connecting with collaborators, and the potential to become partners for EU grants, opening doors to further funding and support.

Who Can Participate or Be Eligible For This Award?

The EUTECH SDG Awards 2024 are open to a diverse array of participants, all united by their commitment to sustainable development. Individuals such as innovators, activists, and leaders who have made significant contributions towards advancing the SDGs are encouraged to apply. Non-profit organisations, including NGOs and community groups working tirelessly to implement impactful and sustainable solutions, are also invited to participate. Corporations that integrate sustainability into their operations and demonstrate corporate social responsibility, as well as educational institutions pioneering sustainable practices and education, are welcome. Government bodies at local, regional, and national levels implementing policies and initiatives that support the SDGs, collaborative initiatives bringing together multiple stakeholders, and youth groups leading change in their communities, are all encouraged to join this celebration of global efforts towards a sustainable future.

Application Process

To be considered for the EUTECH SDG Awards, nominees must meticulously complete each section of the application form. Providing compelling supporting evidence, such as photos, videos, and endorsements from participants, is essential for a robust submission. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated by the selection committee.

Calling All Global Change-Makers!

The EUTECH SDG Awards 2024 are more than just an awards ceremony; they serve as an inspiration for participation, leaders, innovators, and organisations that are dedicated to driving good change. By recognising and highlighting these initiatives, EUTECH aims to spark a global movement of progress towards achieving the SDGs and creating a future that is inclusive and sustainable for all people.