No matter what stage of your life that you’re in, it’s never too late to consider a career change. Whether you’re still in college, taking a practice exam for CPCE or you’re already firmly established at your workplace, securing a new career can provide you with a fresh start and a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow.

However, while there are a multitude of career options out there, not all jobs are created equal. Certain sectors may come with an ample chance for advancement, yet others may keep you locked in a tedious stalemate with no chance to climb the corporate ladder. After all, before you can even start planning for retirement , you first need to land that dream job in the first place.

If you’re looking to secure a well-paying job in an industry that is expected to boom in the next decade, look no further. These four careers have been hand-picked and vetted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to help you find your next stepping stone to both job security and career bliss.

Nurse Practitioners

We’ve seen quite a bit of change in the way we approach healthcare in the past year, and because of this, the medical industry is expected to surge over the next decade. According to the BLS, careers as nurse practitioners are projected to climb 52% in the coming years.

Career prospects for this industry are also fairly impressive, with the average nurse practitioner taking home a cool $115,800 per year. That said, if this is a job you can see yourself doing, you will need the education and drive to match it. A master’s degree is required and the hours can definitely be long and grueling.

Green Industries

Technically we’re cheating by sneaking two careers under this specific career umbrella, but they’re both equally high in demand and are quite similar in their niche. Wind turbine technicians and solar photovoltaic installers are currently being aggressively sought out by future employers, with each seeing an anticipated growth of 61% and 51%, respectively.

Neither jobs are slouches in the payment department, either. Wind turbine technicians are paid a median rate of $52,910 per year and only require certain post-secondary certifications to get a foot through the door. Solar photovoltaic installers pay similarly, at $44,890 per year, and are more welcoming. They only require a high school diploma for their prospective employees.

Mental Health Providers

It’s no secret that the novel coronavirus has completely changed the way we approach mental health care. Fortunately, it has trained a spotlight in the gaps in how we treat those who may struggle with depression, substance abuse, and similar mental health concerns. Because of this, the mental health industry is also anticipated to climb in the next decade.

From substance abuse counselor coursework and even school psychology programs , this industry is expected to grow 25% in the next decade. Furthermore, with most jobs requiring only a Bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position and an impressive median pay of $46,240 per year, this can be a very rewarding career for the right person.

Professional Chef

When you think of cooks, do fast-paced, frantic, and fancy restaurants immediately spring to mind? If so, then you may be missing the bigger picture of this prospective career opportunity. While hospitality is certainly one side of it, there’s much more to becoming a professional cook than simply working in a kitchen.

With a high demand for trained cooks in hospitals, schools, care facilities, and even private homes, this career is anticipated to grow by up to 23% by the end of the decade. Some vocational training may be necessary, but other jobs can provide on-site training. Even though the hours can be difficult (early mornings and evenings, in particular) the earnings can close in on $27,790 per year.

A Fresh Start for Anyone

It’s never too late to consider a career switch, especially if a change of pace is something that you’ve been desiring lately. With so many people struggling to find sustainable employment lately, as well, knowing which industries are on the rise can help empower you to seek out a satisfying and enriching career for yourself.

No matter what your current skill sets entail, you can easily find the right job training to help launch your new career in a number of industries. From hospitality to healthcare, there’s a potentially well-paying and rewarding job waiting for you out there, simply waiting for you to discover it just as long as you know where to look!